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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fukushima Forgotten -- Japan Restarts 5 Reactors -- Millions of Tons of Radioactive Waste Stored Right by Ocean

Amazingly, flyingcuttlefish discovered that Google is in cahoots with the globalists that want to cover
up the devastation of Fukushima, and hiding elements at the site.

Here is a piece of the evidence.

Strontium Milks did a video regarding Radioactive Waste Storage in PLASTIC BAGS. He juices it a bit, but still.....

I Discovered the "Fukushima Signal" a Precursor to the Earthquake that caused the Tsunami and Meltdown

stock here

This is one part of the puzzle.    I may not happen exactly like that the next time, but if it does happen again, extreme caution, and extreme action, like shutting down all the nuclear plants PRIOR to an accident and earthquake. 

The area south of the Bonin Islands in Japan seems to be a sticking fulcrum.   There are regular EQ here through a wide variety of depths, probably the deeper ones contribute to the shallower ones.

Note how the red fault line is drawn continuous, but that is false, there is a lot more going on here, and I noted a long "lull" of activity here shown in the blue chart.

This is a 100 year chart.   Small lulls have occured in the past, but when this long lull came.....fate came in it's wake.   

The lull started on the Winter Solstice of 2010, it "kicked off" with 60 EQ on the Solstice, and then the fulcrum got stuck.

And see last chart....some spooky deep EQ this week, read the notes.


Monday, January 14, 2019

NOAA Predicts a Mild Winter, and USGS Is Quoted by National Geographic As Unable To Link Earthquakes and Volcanoes

I just had to post this short article.   It is amazing that USGS can deny a link between earthquakes and

volcanoes!  "it might just be a coincidence"

Sheesh the 1.7 Trillion pounds of Lava deposited on Hawaii this spring and summer was exactly triggered by a large EQ in the Hilina Slump on the coast of the Big Island.

And that volcanic event was shutdown by a large EQ in Indonesia, directly related.

Read for yourself, it is amazing.   All the above is clearly documented in this website.

And in a related, but totally opposite way, here is "Nature International Journal of Science" totally
jumps the shark with the "erratic motion of north magnetic pole" and "This meant that the magnetic field had lurched just after the latest update, in ways that planners had not anticipated."

They are totally pretending that pole movement is unexpected and somehow chaotic at this time.    Since 2006 I have been following the "Pole flip".    

They even manage to get the "Russia Russia Russia" meme in, with the implication that the mag pole is defecting to Russia (Siberia).

But as far as the analysis and debunk of this "science" paper, please read what WUWT has to say.     WUWT is a great site on climate and more, although they somehow completely miss the boat on nuclear energy and waste.


The DarkOverlord releasing hacked information related to 911

stock here, Cryptome webiste, which has done so much awesome archiving work on Fukushima, is on to the 911 "They have the balls to call that shit a Conspiracy" meme.

Cryptome has been legally threatened to take down information exposing the 911 "fraud"

See below for DarkOverlord -- this could get interesting with Trump promising this week that his upcoming greatest accomplishment will be exposing corruption at the highest levels and on entities that you thought would never be exposed.  

stock out

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Judicial Watch -- Exposing Corruption Within Recent Government -- Support Them, Buy a Shirt

Judicial Watch has been doing great work.   Work that many of us wish we had the wherewithal to accomplish.   they have lawyers on staff.  

You can support them buying buying a shirt or coffee mug and other stuff....see link at bottom.

They file lawsuits and Freedom of Information act requests.

And they deep dive to uncover the real plots of the Globalists as well as related petty thieves and tools. 

Here is one sample from 2 days ago.

This is their Youtube channel

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Pedophilia -- Artist Exposing It -- 28 YO Awesome Future, Model Girlfriend, Supposedly Kills Himself

Wow I never imagined someone has made a video like this. He died at 28. Imagine that. I think it is not just a big problem for the kids, it exposes the level of "humanity" that "rises to the top"

Flu Ravaging America -- Immune Systems Weakened by Radiation from Fukushima, Correlation is Clear

stock here.   This one written in early 2018 by a friend of mine who does awesome education and testing in Australia. 


Peter Daly 

Peter Daley <>


8th March 2018 – TEPCO Admits Fukushima-Radiation-Blocking “Ice Wall” Is Failing
The wall’s failure, among other factors, is preventing the company from removing all of the radioactive melted fuel at the site, where one of the world’s worst-ever nuclear disasters unfolded seven years ago when a tsunami struck the area.
When the “ice wall” was announced in 2013, TEPCO assured skeptics that it would effectively limit the flow of groundwater into the plant’s basement, where the water becomes contaminated with radioactive debris.
But since the wall became fully operational in August 2017, an average of 141 metric tonnes of groundwater has seeped into the reactor and turbines each day – worse than the 132 metric tonnes a day that seeped into the ruined plant during the nine months before the wall’s completion.
A 1992 German risk study of a NPP core meltdown on the upper Rhine river they suggest using an ice wall, plus concluded that:
1. Strontium-90 levels would skyrocket, and reach a peak level around 5,000 days later. Strontium-90 levels would then stay high for around another 40,000 days + !
We are already seeing reports of skyrocketing levels of Strontium being detected in the ground water tests, at the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe site.
2. Cesium-137 would reach peak levels after 10,000 days.
Interestingly, Tepco has tried to implement the counter measures suggested in this document, at the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe site. They have not had much success so far.
(Note: The charts in this study are log scale.)
If this study is correct, these increases will continue long into the future!
All the wars and strife in the world at present, is analogous to people fighting each other on a sinking boat. We urgently need the whole world to cooperate, and focus on dealing with the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Quake Watch -- Unusual High Altitude EQ Hits On Largest Volcano Moana Loa -- Otherwise Spooky Quiet

No time for an elaborate analysis, just the facts, here they are.

OK I am screen capping this right away.   USGS has been disappearing Caldera hits on Moana Loa.  The big volcano, not the littlish Kilaeau which dumped 1.7T lbs of lava onto the Hilina Slump in Spring to Summer.

This is a little downslope of the 2 main caldera features.

I have seen 3 highup (negative km of depth) EQs just "gone" in the last few weeks.


Monday, January 7, 2019

Motive Driven Media (MDM) Is At Risk Of Serious Shutdown -- Battlelines Are Drawn -- Trump Weighs In -- Memes In Play

A meme is a theme, or a narrative.    It can be as short as a cartoon graphic.

I am coining a term, even a legal term, as the propaganda machine needs to be dealt with now in a legal sense.    Motive Driven Media.   MDM.

MDM has become pretty unhinged in their brazen efforts to maintain the Establishment with the Globalists pulling strings behind the scenes
George Soros as "Man of the Year"
LOL when someone is called a philanthropist, you need to look at them with suspicion. 

Some of the worst and most predictable promoters of Globalism (which incidentally ALWAYS rabbit trails back to Communism/Socialism, aka Huge Government) are financially related "News" such as Financial Times, or Forbes, those types.

Crowder is well read, his videos get millions to tens of millions of hits.   Here is one of Crowder who interviews a Journalist who pretty much slandered Crowder.   Crowder does a lot of other good stuff, and with a sense of humor.   He is, after all, a comedian.

And his page if you want to see more

The MDM is ignoring the yellow vest protests.    It doesn't fit their narrative, and they sure don't want
this coming to USA.

Per ABC link to AP news, apparently they stopped covering the yellow vests on Dec 15, 2018

On Jan 3, they arrested a leader of the Yellow Vests, apparently it is now safe to talk about the YV again!

Saul Alinsky -- Mentor to Obama on How to Radicalize -- Excerpts So You Can Understand in 3 Minutes

There are some good resources on Alinsky,

I go to the source document, Rules for Radicals.

What does he really say? It is interesting reading and very relevant to where we are today.

Yellow Vests and Alinsky? Lets Review Alinsky First (BHO HRC relevant)

Mainstream Media is totally ignoring the yellow jacket protests in France, It should also be pointed out that the meme that goes beyond "racist" is "white supremacist" is not simple another method of division, but a method of villinization. To take over the USA, it is necessary to overtake the primary controlling class.

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

You got the reference?

Saul Alinsky wrote that as his community organizing "Rules for Radicals" 

BHO followed Alinsky methods
HRC not just followed Alinsky methods, but wrote her Masters Thesis on Alinsky and interviewed Alinsky for her thesis.    HRC spoke highly of Alinsky.

One of Alinsky's insights was to realize how many stakeholders there were to organize. He saw that the same grievances connected ordinary citizens, labor unions, churches, small businesses, and more — and if you could somehow get all those groups together, they were almost unstoppable. And he did get them together.
It is often said that Alinsky dedicated the Rules For Radicals to Lucifer.   Righties tend to just accept

this, Ben Carlson used it directly in a speech.   Lefties want to dismiss is (or believe they have debunked it) by simply pointing out that the book was dedicated to Alinskys wife.

Alinsky was a major force in American politics/ Social Engineering.   He has many widespread
works and interviews.   His supporters argue that because he wasn't a fully committed Communist or a Satanist, that he did not enable Barrack Hussein Obama to become president, and HRC from almost continuing the "presidency"

Forbes does a "hit piece" for Alinsky  HERE, but there is much background information in here, and
you can see the spin.   They work hard to develop a case, to confound reality.  But in the end, there is not much facts in their arguments.

From VOX

And always good to go to the source -- Online reference for Rules for Radicals