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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Airplane Safety -- Toxic Air, Increased Radiation at Altitude, and Failed Seals Via Winger Effect

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CBS San Francisco: 
Study: ‘Toxic Air Events’ Happening On More Flights Than FAA Reports

Finally, this issue is getting a little traction. If you dig into it, you will discover fume events are more pervasive and dangerous than this report reveals.

From 2017: ( a general aviation incident map)

Why are reports increasing? Greater passenger awareness; pilot unions know members have lost careers when their central nervous system collapsed; cost avoidance in maintenance…and a largely-unknown feature of nuclear radiation also appears to play a role. The Wigner Effect describes a process of molecular disintegration when material (metal, wiring, seals, in the case of airplanes) is exposed to nuclear radiation. As a consequence of 70 years of nuclear material release to the atmosphere, airline crews and passengers are exposed to layers of radiation that remain in its upper levels. Material failure is a feature of the exposure. (Not to mention radiation’s effects to health.)

As noted in the CBS report, Alaska Airlines is actively trying to hide fume events from its customers. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

Moana Loa (not little Kilauea) Takes Direct EQ Hit On It's Caldera High Up In the Volcano

This article is missing the biggest part of the new Earthquakes on Hawaii....The newest caldera on Moana Loa (the largest volcano on earth) has been hit repeatedly and not underground, but high up in the volcano 2.5km up.

And of course, perfect timing with re-opening he Volcano Park

This just occur ed today, and is not the first one.

Kavanaugh Issue -- Further Getting the Deep State to Expose Itself, Strzok Involved

Dems on Twitter are claiming that "Republicans are pulling out all the stops....."

Are you freaking kidding me?   My what a tangled web they weave.

1)With multiple spurious accusations from the Dems,

2) McCabes lawyer, Bromwich, getting involved "for free".

3) Peter Strzoks sister-in-law works with Chrissy Ford's brother,

4) And Ford's first lawyer Debra Katz is in secret meetings with Hillary Clinton.

And here is a good debunk of the "letter"

Here is some early Q stuff, interesting to go back and see how much was really predictive.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Kavanaugh Polls -- An Assortment of Polls Screencaptured -- What Do Americans Really Think?

If its in any Media, even Fox, you really can't believe it. 

NRC Asking For Comments On High Burn Up Fuel -- Why Increase the Risk!!!?

The NRC is discussing "high burn up fuel" which is burning the fuel, making additional radioactivity,
beyond what the historic "acceptable" burnup levels.

You can comment here, up to Monday Night, tonight

For those following the Brunswick Nuclear plant flooding emergency and shutdown, it has taken them 5 days to get both reactors running again, and they are struggling to get to 100% on both.  


I have around 11,000 hours experience with the nuclear process and waste handling, and an MSME in Material Science and Thermal Fluids from University of Michigan, so this is right up my alley.

For decades the nuclear industry touted themselves with the idea that the nuclear fuel was a very small part of the total operation of nuclear plants, and that even if Uranium doubled in price that the consumer would not even be effected, making it one of the best energy sources.

If this is the case, what is the big drive to get even more profit out of the process, just a little more profit.   Fuel cost of running a nuclear plant is roughly 1.5% of the total cost, so if you can get 30% more out of the fuel, they might increase profit by .5%.   

In relation to the "hotter" waste products that create higher risk in spent fuel pool, and as seen in this article, much more dangerous in dry cask storage, these much higher risks are simply not "worth it" compared to getting a little more power out of the fuel.   See article. 

Casks take roughly 500% more damage, depending on the degree of burnup.  And transportation is much more dangerous.

With Yucca or another long term storage uncertain, we have to rely on the dry cask for the foreseeable future, maybe a few generations.    Increasing the risk is poor judgement.     Just like MOX as a "trick" to "enhance" the fuel cycle the additional risks are not worth it.   

To put it in perspective, each average nuclear plant produces the radiation, EVERY DAY, to each a medium size nuclear bomb, that we have to watch over for thousands of years.    Each 2 reactor plant creates around 750 nuclear bombs of radiation in 1 year, 7500 nuclear bombs of radiation in 10 years.    This is more than all the bomb tests that were ever performed!

And while they sit in water covered spent fuel pools, they present a grave risk.   In a wide area catostrophy, there is no way we can guarantee that the plant would remain staffed, and the electric circulation pumps needed to keep the used fuel cool will continue to be supplied.    Examples could be a nuclear war, or an EMP that could knock the  grid and large transformers out for months, or a Heliophysics based CME from the Sun, which are star sent a few "samples" just in the last few years that missed us, but a modern day Carrington type event could end up with several plants and spent fuel pools going on fire from their self generated decay heat.    Picture 20,000 nuclear bombs worth of radiation being released at the same time.

Allowing high burn up nuclear allows a much higher risk of these extinction level scenarios which are not far fetched, these are not conspiracy theories.   And the risk is not increased by just 30%, the risk is increased by several fold.   

Even if just one high burn up accident occurs, it may not be an extinction level event, but it could certainly be a country ending event, as Gorbachev noted that Chernobyl was the root cause of the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Just because we can, does not mean that we should.    An "Expected Value" Analysis is performed as follows, The Chance of a Positive outcome and the value of that outcome are multiplied together, then the chance of a negative outcome and the "value" of that negative occur are multiplied and subtracted from the first Multiplied positive value.

It should be very clear that even if the risks are very low for a negative event the costs are very high, and the overall equation based on a very small positive benefit is greatly out-weighted by the overall negative expected value.

It is a bad bet.   A bet we should not take, even though technology allow us to take the bet, it is a foolish bet.  

If you were to held personally responsible, you and your family, for the results of this decision, would you take this bet?

The only responsible answer is NO.

Because nuclear is struggling with economics, DOES NOT justify increasing the risks by several fold.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The newest allegations against the Trump pick for Supreme court Kavanaugh, looks like complete

trash. This guy did an OK debunk on twitter if you have that
But for me the Coup de Grais was the direct Soros connection from back before even the Obama days. 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

NYT ARticle on on Rod Rosenstein -- Desperate Move to Distract -- Attempt For a Knee Jerk Firing by Trump

stock here --- When I first read the NYT article on Rod Rosenstein it immediately struck me as "too true".    There use of an anonymous source was also disturbing.

Since then it has been seconded by other parties that this is indeed an attempt to "bait" Trump into firing Rosenstein, with negative airplay and allegations of "disruption of Mueller, obstruction".   Rosenstein will be toast when the de-classification is done, which is being done by the IG, solely for the purpose of not allowing the argument that "Trump did it" and therefore it is obstruction of justice and of Mueller. 

So I immediately assumed that it was a hit job, with 2 or more purposes:  also look at the NYT "picks" of comments, they use their picks to highlight the narrative that they intended.

Then when the Daily Beast (a full on liberal Anti-Trump narrative source) ran a similar article, I knew their game plan.

1)  Have one article that they can point back to, to prove that they are "fair and impartial" and to be used in an anti-monopoly anti-trust lawsuit to break them up in some way.

2) Get Trump to rashly fire Rosenstein, and then my spidey sense then says that someone else debunks that story, but the "damage" is already done, and they somehow spin this into obstruction and impeachable offense for Trump.    Or maybe simply damage for the midterm elections.

See below video, by semi wacky George Webb who uses a ton of intuition.    He is all about the Deep State, and Weapons and Drugs as being driving forces throughout the government.


Alternatives to Big Social Media -- Get Away from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google

stock here -- been meaning to do this for a while, but it's a broad scope and so I am looking for reader input on good alternatives, especially those with personal experience.

The quicker we divest ourselves from Big Social Media, the quicker they are de-powered.

Please drop suggestions in comments and I will add them in.


VOAT is one of them.    Q folks just adopted VOAT as a central discussion point.

and the topic above is totally on point.

A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.

Google -- HOW TO GET AWAY 

And it is not JUST about avoiding having Google collect information on you, AND provide feedback on the effectiveness of various Globalist propaganda is also about security of your own system, protection of information with your own computer.....
No Javascript offers little to no ads, pop-ups, greatly improved page load times and generally a cleaner Internet experience at the cost of specialized tools such as Google Docs or YouTube.
This doesn’t need to be as drastic as it sounds. You can always whitelist, aka give permission to certain sites to run JavaScript

Friday, September 21, 2018

Large Volcano Mauna Kea Caldera Hit With EQ's, Yellow Stone Dead Geysers Now Erupting

I check the Hawaii EQ activity usually a few times a day.    I have been seeing hits on both Mauna

Kea AND Mauna Loa.   Then I return in a few hours, and the EQ have been eliminated by the USGS.

That is pretty amazing.   I know Dutchsinse has documented EQ being minimized or even eliminated or never showing up in the record.

And for months...Yellowstone has been acting up, this week a sleepy Geyser, that hasn't erupted since 1957, Erupted.    See video. Interesting this is the same year of an Aluetian EQ which threw a Tsunami at Hawaii.

Ear Spring is one of the hottest pools on Geyser Hill, containing permanently seething water at or even above boiling point. The ear-shaped pool is enclosed by a slightly raised sinter rim, and the clear water constantly overflows, running southwards along colorful channels lined by orange cyanobacteria. The pool has been known to erupt to a height of 2 feet, but only one or two times each decade.

From September 2014 to March 2018, Steamboat Geyser was completely dormant.
But now it has suddenly sprung to life and has erupted a total of 19 times since March 15th.

Why is science so decrepit, even though there is so much science out there?
GEOL 551. Heat Flow. 3 Credits.
An exploration of Earth's thermal structure, thermal history and heat sources. The course begins with the theory of heat transfer within and through the surface of terrestrial planets. Methods of observation and modeling provide hands-on experience in field and laboratory activities. Applications of heat flow in tectonics, petrology, thermal maturity of kerogen, hydrogeology, geothermics and climate change are presented with current examples. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Corequisite: Permission of instructor. On demand.

This is "just for interest"