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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Criminal Referral On Clinton / Obama "Crew" ---Comey Interviews on NWO Mouthpiece ABC

I bought his book, airplane reading to see how the mind of a self-virtued criminal expresses itself.

Sorry, I was going to embed all the video clips from ABC, they provided an Embed code but it didn't work. So here are the links to click

6 clips but the URL all looks the same, ABC is dysfunctional

Will the power elite actually prosecute their "opponents" but partners in fleecing of the American people.
A great website -- red pill paradise

Nuclear Cartel Wins Big In Japan -- "Sacks" Main Anti-nuclear governor With Honeypot Operation

Ryuichi Yoneyama Sacked

Even the mainstream media in Japan, immediately connects this to Nuclear Power.  


Anti-nuclear Niigata governor resigns over sex scandal in move likely to impact restart of key power plant

Kyodo, Staff Report
Niigata Prefecture Gov. Ryuichi Yoneyama resigned Wednesday over what he described as “misunderstandings” in relationships with several women, a move that is almost certain to influence discussions on whether to approve the restart of nuclear reactors in the region.
Yoneyama has been cautious about the reactivation of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear complex on the Sea of Japan coast.

Speaking about one of the women he was involved with, Yoneyama claimed he had tried “to win her favor.”

“I gave her gifts and money,” he told a news conference. “The action caused a misunderstanding. … I had romantic feelings.”

Just hours before he met with reporters, the weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun reported online that the 50-year-old, who was elected in 2016 with the backing of anti-nuclear parties, had paid a university student ¥30,000 several times for “sex.”

Yoneyama told reporters he was aware that his “sugar daddy dating” could be regarded as “prostitution,” adding that he met the student through an online dating service.

Yoneyama, a bachelor, admitted to having similar relations with several different women before and after he was elected.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

South Korea Nuclear Reactors -- 24 Reactors in a Smallish Country

Wow I thought they maybe had 4 or 6 reactors, but they have 24!
On a good note for USA Exelon announces that nuclear is too costly, and they will not build any more plants in the USA, ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!    yeah!!!!!!
S&P Global quoted Van Hoene as saying at the annual U.S. Energy Association's meeting in Washington, D.C. "I'm not arguing for the construction of new nuclear plants. They are too expensive to construct, relative to the world in which we now live."

And they had a bunch more planned, but those are no longer in process, they will be scuttled.

Nuclear is too expensive.   They are trying to justify their continued existence and operation on "fighting CO2" which we pretty much know is a false meme meant to transfer wealth (ask yourself how did Al Gore get $500M from Fighting Carbon)

Have no doubt, in burning fuels, true pollutants are released, in rough proportion to CO2.   And we should minimize these burns and we should implement pollutant scrubbing mechanisms where feasible.   But we should not target CO2 specifically, because it is not a pollutant, it is plant food.    Targetting CO2 specifically is stupid and play right into the hands of the nuclear cartel.

Even if we believed the table on the right, which is very sketchy in my opinion, with amazingly CO2
being 10 times more costly than all other pollutants combined!   Seriously?   Politicized science needs to be taken to task.     

This from "Greentech Media".   Me smells a rat.

I wrote about the "War on Solar", in a starter article here, and will add to it as nuggets present themselves.

SEOUL, April 16 (Reuters) - South Korea's nuclear operator
said on Monday it shut down the Shin Wolsong No.1 nuclear
reactor for planned maintenance from Monday for 72 days.    
    The shutdown of the 1,000-megawatt reactor would take the
number of reactors offline to 10, according to Korea Hydro &
Nuclear Power Co Ltd (KHNP) website (
    Currently, South Korea operates 24 nuclear reactors. Nuclear
power supplies about a third of the country's electricity.
    Details are as follows:
    Reactors marked * are currently offline.
    Kori No.1*           587     Permanent closure              
    Kori No.2            650     
    Kori No.3*           950     Maintenance
    Kori No.4            950     
    Shin Kori No.1     1,000     
    Shin Kori No.2*    1,000     Maintenance
    Shin Kori No.3*    1,400     Maintenance      
    Note: The above reactors are all located near the city of
Busan, over 300 kms (190 miles) southeast of Seoul.      
    Hanbit No.1          950     
    Hanbit No.2          950    
    Hanbit No.3        1,000     
    Hanbit No.4*       1,000     Maintenance
    Hanbit No.5        1,000     
    Hanbit No.6        1,000     
    Note: These reactors are located in the county of
Yeonggwang, over 250 km (155 miles) southwest of Seoul.
    Wolsong No.1*         679    Maintenance                    
    Wolsong No.2*         700    Maintenance        
    Wolsong No.3          700            
    Wolsong No.4          700     
    Shin Wolsong No.1*  1,000    Maintenance    
    Shin Wolsong No.2   1,000    
    Note: These reactors are located in the city of Gyeongju,
over 300 km (186 miles) southeast of Seoul. 

    Hanul No.1           950     
    Hanul No.2*          950     Maintenance     
    Hanul No.3*        1,000     Maintenance 
    Hanul No.4         1,000     
    Hanul No.5*        1,000     Maintenance 
    Hanul No.6         1,000    
    Note: These reactors are located in the county of Uljin,
over 200 km (124 miles) southeast of Seoul.
    Details of five reactors under construction (in megawatts):
    NAME              CAPACITY   DUE DATE
    Shin Kori  No.4     1,400    September 2018
    Shin Kori  No.5     1,400    October 2021
    Shin Kori  No.6     1,400    October 2022
    Shin Hanul No.1     1,400    April, 2018
    Shin Hanul No.2     1,400    February, 2019
    Details of the six new nuclear reactors to be cancelled (in
    NAME                CAPACITY  DUE DATE  
    Shin Hanul No.3     1,400     December 2022
    Shin Hanul No.4     1,400     December 2023
    Cheonji    No.1***  1,500     December 2026
    Cheonji    No.2***  1,500     December 2027
    Undecided  No.1***  1,500     Undecided
    Undecided  No.2***  1,500     Undecided
    *** Cheonji No.1 and Cheonji No.2 reactors were planned but
did not gain government approval, and the two power plants with
no name were planned but the location and construction schedule
had not been decided.


Monday, April 16, 2018

War On Solar -- Nuclear and Coal Hate Solar

stock here---been meaning to write about this for quite some time, but it's one of those things that to do it justice take hours at least.

So let's talk about the "War On Solar", starting with this first article.

If you have any good examples of the War On Solar, send them to me for inclusion


FOR A WHILE there, it looked like the biggest breakup since Prince Charles and Diana: The S.C. House, the most devoted of SCE&G’s many helpmates, voted by an extraordinary 64-33 Thursday to pass a bill that our embattled utility had worked tirelessly to sabotage.

But then the weekend came, and the SCE&G lobbyists turned on the charm, and one by one they wooed back their wandering representatives. And on Tuesday, the House reversed itself and voted 55-54 to kill the bill.

Read more here:

Friday, April 13, 2018

Mila de Mier -- Anti GMO Activist -- Travels to DC to Present 200,000 Signature Petition -- Dies is DC Pool The Night Before

For those with Facebook --- Rest Assured your visit will be monitored

She died in a pool in DC the night before turning in a petition to EPA to Stop GMO Mosquitoes.

Hmmm, a "natural death" or a drowning death seem very unlikely to me.

her Twitter account

From her face book --before it is taken down.

 Mila De Mier March 27 at 9:57pm · Key West, FL · For the last 6 years of my life, I been putting my energy, my money and more important the time that I took away form my kids, my parents, my family, my friends, my business.

Having the courage to go and travel to places like Washington Dc to meet with the FDA several times, face them face to face, witness the CEO of Oxitec lying in a congressional hearing, hundreds of calls, interviews, facing the Florida Governor cabinet, I can go on and and on... all because I think the cause is noble enough to fight for my family, my community.

Please, The time is Now to make your comments to the EPA. The original agency took a very long time and pass the hot potato to the EPA where now this antiobitic dependent mosquitoes want to be classified as Bio Pesticides and I guest we are the guinea pigs. We are talking of 50 million mosquitoes per week, yes, you read right 50 Million mosquitoes per week, 7 times per week for up to 2 years between the Florida Keys and Texas. Could imagine what potentially can do to our health, our sensitive ecosystem? the tourist economy?

What happens if something going wrong how are we are going to recall this millions of Mosquitos? Please make a comment to the EPA. Please do not consent to this medical treatment in our piece of Paradise Florida Keys.

Comment now…

Here is the pool she died in

And unrelated story, but on our type of activism against the powerful nuclear cartel.

What Do Zuckerberg and Fukushima Have In Common? Destruction of the Vitality of Our World

Lot's Wife writes below, LF sure can turn a phrase, although I would like to see a little more Jackboot, Goosestep, and of course Cow Bell, we need more Cow Bell.

I did a preliminary post on resources to help us minimize our footprint on the "services" that can do us the most damage.   Regardless of how much you like these "services", continuing to use them re-enforces in the establishment's eyes, your willing acceptance of a loss of rights.   Please help add to this list via comments or direct email <>


New study reveals that the center of the world's marine biodiversity is on verge of loss 

...up to 90% of the seagrass meadows that they examined in Indonesia have been extensively damaged and degraded over the past five years.

..."Declining seagrass health is the result of shifting environmental conditions due largely to coastal development, land reclamation, and deforestation, as well as seaweed farming, overfishing and garbage dumping.
No one is looking for radiation damage because it is an undiscussed prospect. Nuclear radiation enjoys an ignorance that favors continued damage.


Tuck vs Zuck (Day 1) 

Excellent commentary about monopoly, free speech expectations and political influence.

Circling overhead, dumping fuel, FB’s origins are about to be spilled. It will be revealed - or should be revealed - that the CIA/mil intel developed a working model for a digital monitoring, data gathering, influence vectoring project that is now called Facebook. In order to make it safe and friendly, it was given to Zuck with the understanding that all data is back-doored. He was told, “Here, have fun, make a pile of money. We’ll be watching but we don’t know you.”

If this is surprising, you’ve not been paying attention to CIA proprietary operations. If you are looking to get on step, read Peter Dale Scott for background.

Some of you may be familiar with Q anon, which may be 2 seperate entities, not sure.   This guy takes Q postings and deciphers them.   He is very level headed, and not trying to sell anything.   

My first time, trying to post a URL from Facebook, hilarious, as I speak of fleeing the establishment internet memes.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ecological Predictions of Species Devastation Due to Biological Impoverishment

stock here, written in 1986 1988 this prediction of species die offs and problems created by lack of diversity of life forms (sheesh, and just lack of presence of life forms) 

Let's hope that this ecologists have about as much success as modeling the future as climate scientists.


"This utter dependence of organisms on appropriate environments (Ehrlich, 1986) is what makes ecologists so certain that today's trends of habitat destruction and modification—especially in the high-diversity tropical forest (where at least one-half of all species are believed to dwell)—are an infallible recipe for biological impoverishment. Those politicians and social scientists who have questioned the extent of current extinctions are simply displaying their deep ignorance of ecology; habitat modification and destruction and the extinction of populations and species go hand in hand."
The Loss of Diversity Causes and Consequences – Paul R. Ehrlich – 1988

Another Radioactive Barrel Heading to WIPP Explodes

The last barrel that exploded, which was in WIPP, cost over $2.5B to cleanup
This barrel was going to be shipped to WIPP
 But they want to also put the highest level nuclear waste into WIPP and are seeking approval to do so, even though it is obvious they can't even manage the low level waste.

stock out

They couldn't even think to put down a PVC sheet, wow
and they have no idea whats in the barrels
but gosh golly, sure good the firefighters didn't breath anything
It didn't rupture, it exploded in a firey mess that set off fire alarms.
And it was headed to WIPP, that cost $2.5B to clean up after a barrel exploded in WIPP

It's not clear how many barrels are in the earthen-floor structure that's 380 feet (116 meters) long and 165 feet (50 meters) wide. The barrel that ruptured had been moved to the containment structure in preparation for shipment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, New Mexico.

One news outlet on 4-15-2018 stated that there are filters on the building to handle any radiation.     That doesn't mesh in any logical way with an earthen floor.   

Get Away From Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Just starting this page.   My new saying recently coined:

We need to use the machine to beat the machine. 

Soldiers of Ra "We are not machines" What a great song if you can find it, wish I could find the lyrics.
Yahoo and Bing are suspect, way too establishment!

If anyone has internet websites or tools like TOR that allow us to step back the overly concentrated and potentially evil power of the "Establishment Techrocracy" please drop in comments.

Some alternative search engines to Google --- Note your search results will definitely be different than Google.   Sometimes Google provides the best, but it is 24/7 slanted.

Cookie Free, no Search History

We don’t store your
personal information. Ever.

Our privacy policy is simple: we don’t collect
or share any of your personal information.

USA Disease Incidence Rates -- Detailed -- But They Leave Out Environmental Pollution and Radiation

Saw this at Majia's blog.    She is a liberal university professor, and a friend, but we won't always see
eye to eye.   There is also plenty of room for common ground and common causes.

Don't worry about Fukushima though....the new censorship --- just make old articles unavailable, LOL sheesh

Just a thought --- I am worried when not just Zerohedge is not "counted" as hits to my website by blogger when they used to be the largest source....but I worry that also Zerohedge now has 30% articles that I completely disagree with, look like controlled opposition or worse, straight propaganda.   


A very comprehensive analysis of disease incident rates was just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by The US Burden of Disease Collaborators:
The US Burden of Disease Collaborators. The State of US Health, 1990-2016Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Among US States. JAMA. 2018;319(14):1444–1472. doi:10.1001/jama.2018.0158
Below I review the data collection and results. These are directly quoted:
And another favorite blog by Mark Brewer who not just understands, but has great prose too.

Finally one of my favorite "discoveries", I try to consume 3 or 4 pro-biotic foods every day, as simple as yogurt.    You don't have to be a health nut and spend tons of time or money.    I do love fermenting though, and brewing, and can't wait until my brewing room is complete, probably waiting until fall and hopefully no trip to Hawaii next winter.

here are a couple more good ones.....I feel like a "Conspiracy Aggregator" today

Dr Sircus on it:
"California state senator who pushed vaccine mandate now seeks to CRIMINALIZE “fake news” about medicine, politics and government
California state senator Richard Pan — known as the “Mercury Joker” super villain for pushing mandatory vaccines into law via SB 277 — now wants to criminalize all bloggers and independent journalists who dare question the official narratives on vaccines, medicine, politics and government."
At Majia's blog Jay Cullen contributed an EPA site showing "charts" of air pollution "trends" presented in the most absurd table manner, rather than just a chart with data.   Sheesh.