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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ben Davidson -- Suspicious0bservers -- Education on Electricity and the Electric Universe

The EU2017 Conference: Future Science -- Aug 17 - 20, Phoenix:


From an obscure and outlandish idea has come the driving force behind much of the discovery in modern science. Electricity, electromagnetism, electrostatic forces – these are the under appreciated elements of our universe, underpinning the interactions and phenomena we are yet to fully understand. Puzzling observations that confound modern understanding all point a keen observer down those same lines of investigation. How will the electric universe break the glass ceiling? Ben will discuss ideas about the path forward from his vantage point as the founder of the Suspicious0bservers collective.

Ben Davidson JD is the founder of Space Weather News and The Mobile Observatory Project. He hosts the world’s most-watched space weather news program, has more than 260,000 subscribers, and operates,,, and He is the researcher behind the Suspicious0bserver channel on YouTube, a channel that has rocketed in under 4 years to tens of millions of views, and is Director of the Mobile Observatory Project. Ben was classically trained in law and legal research, before taking up independent research in diverse sciences. His online presence has been a constant source of data dissemination, inspiring public interest in a variety of scientific fields, including the ‘electric universe’ theories. Ben focuses on the daily solar environment and the electromagnetic interactions between the sun, earth, and the galaxy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Muslim Imigrant Murders Unarmed White Woman in Pajamas

Not to get all anti-semitic or anything, but....

Doesn't it seem odd that in a large American city,

A Black Muslim Migrant, recently became a cop 2 years ago, 3 complaints on him already.    Mohamed Noor responds to a 911 call from a lady about a suspected assault she heard in the alley way.    The attractive white woman who made the complaint, comes out to the squad car in her pajamas.

Mohamed then proceeds to shoot the unarmed lady, while she was on the driver side of the squad, and the shooter was in the passenger seat.   She got shot in the gut.

The police chief  Janee' Harteau, is a female, who is "dating" another female cop on the same police force.  In 1996 they filed a sexual harassment complaint because other officers where interrupting their radio transmissions.   in 2012 she was awarded the position of Chief.

This is the mayor talking on the "incident".    She had previously praised the fact that a Muslim Immigrant was now part of her 5th precinct police district.

I hesitated on publishing that one, and have a larger story on it.

But it's part of the Big Picture. Uncomfortable things that no one wants to say, or hear.
The Big Picture is all part of the Centralized World Government, instituted by about 30 different strategies.

Gender confusion is one of them.

Also, I am not trying to go to battle with "liberal people" because they have many good ideas and with properly focused "care" they could do a lot of good, but the liberal view has been infected with many false beliefs or inflated beliefs, propagandized by big money interests ala Soros and his ilk.
The "let them in" meme is not beneficial. Sure we are a country of immigrants, at least started out as such. But we are already overpopulated. We don't need to let anyone in unless they are a clear net positive to the country.

The "refugees" (mostly just migrants who want to get some free stuff) have been created by NWO and US policy, using false flags and full on lies to create wars. The main idea of the "refugees" is to destroy national pride and to "make everything suck" so it doesn't matter if your country sucks, it doesn't make sense to move to another country, because they all suck.

The gap in the full theory, is what are these powers that be thinking about how they are going to control the fully and partly radicalized muslims they are flooding the world with?    What is their end game on that one?   Is it really the Jews pitting the Muslims against the Christians to allow them to seize global control?

Very uncomfortable to think on these things, God forbid you are labelled anti-semitic (consider the narrative on that one, and playing the victim card).  

I have no problem with lesbians or women in general.   But it should also be obvious from recent past (think Susan Rice for one) that when you put a former minority, and especially women, into position of high power, they will pretty much follow exactly their marching orders in order to keep what they finally "got theirs".

It also seems odd to have a lesbian relationship in a police force in which the Chief of police is involved with one of her subordinates.    Would this be allowed in a traditional police force with a male Chief and a female subordinate?   It would certainly raise eyebrows.    But because they are lesbian, do they get some kind of special consideration because of the gay pride "movement".

I do have a problem with intentional gender confusion.   I also have a problem when my friends 13 year old daughter is taught in a public "education" system that anal sex is just another type of sex that a boy might ask her to do.   

Prude? no.  Among consenting adults, do whatever you wish and whatever is possibly if you wish.   One of my best friends son just got married to his long term SO, another man, and I am fine with it.   They are both great people and not at all "fags" which do actually annoy me. 

But failure to see the overall plot and not to recognize that it is leading to a jack boot on your throat forever, it a crying shame.   

The Black Muslim cop, murdering a white woman, is a sign of things important.   Don't miss the point.   And don't miss the system in which he operated in, the system which celebrated him, which enabled him.

Some of the Best Fukushima / Radiation Post From Nuke Professional!

Radiation in the Pacific Ocean up 472%, Real Data Collected in Hawaii
This post consists of:
1) Real radiation measured in Hawaii ocean water using boiled off samples taken and measured by the nukepro.
2) Original "background radiation" levels in the ocean.
3) Analysis of what it means
1) Measured Radiation
Inspired by Dana Dunford, I hooked up with a friend in Hawaii who had a small enough dinghy it could be transported by hand and launched on the beach. We went to Rabbit island which is a small island off Oahu's windward coast.
Always a crowd pleaser
Fukushima Reactor 4, MOX in the Equipment Pool Melted Out, Heat Signature of the Blob
I would like some Citizen Scientists to weigh in on this issue
I found a thermal image photo on the old "nukepimp" website when Anne pointed it out.
Could the new MOX fuel, stored in the equipment pool or just plain on the 4th floor slab have melted down, rolled over to the equipment shaft, fell down, and then melted out the side wall?
    • CodeShutdownCodeShutdown
Ill mention again…I firmly debate this hypothesis of mox melting out the north wall of unit four. It makes no sense on a number of fronts. The change of color and shape from gold rags and white tubes to a larger black pour can be explained possibly by the water sprayed on the building washing out ash and muck. I never did see a thermal image showing heat there. This dogged adherence to Troys rather uneducated guess/hypothesis is actually a bit of a bane of contention for me as it illustrates a lack of critical judgement, even after having been spoon fed facts which pretty well disproves it…..IMHO
thats why its a crowd pleaser, lol. I like the hatch flow through diagram, whatever the ejecta
      • HorseHorse
north wall looked like it caved inward. Implosion?
Blast Data From Fukushima — To Shred 18" Reinforced Concrete Walls, C4 Explosive Not Enough, Hydrogen — No Way
Certainly in calculating damage from an explosive blast, we would need to consider not just peak pressure achieved, but also the "impulse" the rate of pressure change. From C4 or TNT, peak pressures are achieved very quickly, say 1 to 3 milliseconds.
I used a study by the US Military on an 18" reinforced concrete wall, in which they ran explosive tests with documentation.
Their bombs were roughly 220 lbs of explosive material, placed 7 feet away from a wall.
    • AirSepTechAirSepTech
H2 'should' have blown the roof off and maybe some wall panels.
That is design, for most 'explosion hazard' type buildings.
Something a little more happened there. IMO
Talk about an "air handling system" LOL
This List Compiled by Kelly Ann Thomas
61 pages describing news aggregation on the death of the largest ocean on earth
Picture of poor little seal, crawling the streets of a city, with pneumonia, because there is no food in the ocean.
Moral of the story—we shouldn't allow the most dangerous thing on earth (nuclear power plants and nuclear waste) to exist on our HOME PLANET, when we know for a fact that our home planet is not stable, and in fact is getting more unstable.
I first noticed the magnetic pole shift around 2006, being a pilot and a solar engineer I often took measurements, and for a while nothing was lining up the way it used to, so I tried a few different compasses. I thought it strange, and I thought it stranger that no one was talking about it.
    • HorseHorse
stock, wasn't that when landing strips started being renumbered?
Yep, my bro was actually in charge of doing that at Billy Mitchell Field.
        • AirSepTechAirSepTech
Don't bother the USN much, they land every which-a-way.
On a moving runway, no numbers needed. Saves paint.
      • HorseHorse
messing up my headings
horse, how do you meaning
          • HorseHorse
Landing on a runway, those numbers tell me the heading to take to get there. If their wrong, I might miss the runway.
especially if IFR, things could really suck!
              • AirSepTechAirSepTech
Ya gots to have the good stuff. :)
Pilots are now essentially "emergency bio backup", will still operate after a CME EMP
also a pilot, planes, helos, gliders, sailboats, lol
stock here: We been harping on "Lying Scientists" for quite some time. It exasperates the effects of our toxic environment when those at the helm of science play fast and loose with facts.
Here is the lady in charge of the CDC. Seems like widespread abuse of the scientific
process. As we always suspected, really knew, just didn't have the proof.
Interesting that the CDC flickr photo collection is not focused on USA Health, but they have assembled a few dozen very expensive people to unveil…………….artwork/pictures taken in Nigeria
Hanford collapse, and they STILL have not done anything to mitigate risk at other locations.
100 Ton Blue Whale In "Our Radioactive Ocean" Found On Beach, Starved to Death, They Say El Nino Did It
No mention of testing for radiation, easy to harvest samples.
They toss out "El Nino" as the cause, and then do not even attempt even once to support that hypothesis.

Posting of EPA Beta and Gamma Charts for USA, All In One Easy to Scroll Through Format
Ever feel like big bro watching you? Days after I made that post, EPA jiggered their whole website to make the data pull impossible.

NOAA Lying About Cause of Ocean Mammal Deaths
What is worse than sad is that they are lying again. They fail to correctly identify the enemy.
In prior test reports, about 1 to 2% of the animals had domoic acid poisoning. Note that they present just numbers of dolphins and seals, complete with a cute graphic.
Just 36 animals tested positive and only 11 had high levels of domoic acid, out of thousands or tens of thousands that died.
Nukepro makes the news, and its not fake.
MOX and Experimental Fuel laying in the Fukushima Rubble
Best Lies of Nuclear
Exposing Some of the "Big Lies"
Plutonium Fuel Rods laying in the rubble!
Caught this from a TEPCO released sampling video. Raw Uranium Pellets just lying in the rubble, very clear cut. Maybe MOX too. Maybe some experimental fuels too. Very odd stuff these rods in the rubble.
You just have to wonder if they weren't doing some type of research at Fukushima, and of course this type of thing wouldn't be publicized.

The old "Sleeping next to someone lie"
It is easy to expose the lies of nukers with just a little background.
One of the paid trolls on Huffpost, AtomsforPeace moniker, says that you get 20 mSv in 3 years by sleeping next to someone. Wow. He uses this lie to justify that a CT scan at 20 mSv is "nothing"
His claim is that sleeping next to someone is a 2mrem dose in 8 hours.
That would be *365, or 730mrem per year, or about 7.3 mSv per year.
The conversion is about 100 mren per mSv, as can be seen on my handy conversion page
What an absurd claim, as that is way higher than the average annual dose from all sources, including man made for the average person.
Breaking! University of Hawaii Research Shows Radiation in Hawaii Soil 2016 as Bad as 7 Prefectures in Japan 2 weeks After Fukushima
stock here
Breaking! University of Hawaii Research Shows Radiation in Hawaii Soil 2016 as Bad as 7 Prefectures in Japan 2 weeks After Fukushima
1200 Bq/M2 in Hawaii, most from potassium, about 400 Bq/M2 from Radioactive Cesium 137
Most wild mushrooms in Hawaii around 50 Bq/kG, but some as high as 100 Bq/kG

the irony; Sadie, GOM and Farth gave the maligned stock carte blanche to deluge this place with links to his site. Good articles btw…for the most part, and a total contrast to the aforementioned flat earth, close sun, hollow earth and self aggrandizing wallpaper blitz. In fact Im expecting to see a theory soon of how stock is colluding with them to bring down enenews.
I think Ill call it…Lord of the Flies
richly ambiguous Code!
Flies use chitin in their wings.
After Fukushima, in Hawaii, all the flies went away a full year, and I have dogs!
Radiation Kill Whales by Killing Their Krill, Bees, Mushrooms, Fungus, Flies
I posted this comment on "The Big Story", lets see if it makes it through moderation.
Radiation kills Krill, it destroys Chitin, an important biological structure which is present in all the species hardest hit with mass die-offs, or species that feed on Chitin users.
Scientific Proof is here. Chitin is a magnet, a sponge for radiation.

stock, you left our conversation too early. You need to ballpark the energy requirement of chitin destruction….
Holy integers Batman! How can you have 1/5 of 1 "go off"
"The Precious" Blinded Me With Science – Heretics of Science or Speakers of Truth?
My schooling and career have been based on "science", mathematics, materials, energy, engineering and practical application of all that. I became a CEM Certified Energy Manager when there were only 9000 in the entire USA. Most wars are fought over energy, yet we have only 9000 specialists in Energy Management? How screwed up is that? Even among my college associates…if I express anti-nuclear, people don't like it. Some put me into the camp of "heretic". So be it. Science is not clean and good, it just is. And these days it can be used for the bad….especially as society gets more desperate. stock out. Don't be blinded by anything. Healthy New Year to Ye.
Krill off gas elements that cause cloud nucleation. Strong sun hurts krill, so its a protective effect. Clouds mean cooler temperatures.
Krill use a tough biological structure called Chitin. Chitin absorbs man-made radiation at rates of 200 to 20,000 background levels. Radiation destroys the bonds that make Chitin a useful structure.
So even "low" levels of man-made radionuclides, can bio-magnify and kill the krill, meaning less clouds, and hotter temperatures. Incidentally the krill sink pretty quickly, taking the radiation to Davy Jones Locker.
Trolls a Sign of the Times
Demonstration of what a Troll is
Troll below took a lame pot shot
Would they tell?
If the Earth was going to fly through a "cloud" of meteors, would "they" tell you?
Supposedly, something as small as 400ft across could have earth devastating effects. What if we were going to fly through a high density zone of meteors say 50 ft to 600ft in diameter? And take maybe 200 serious hits?
Would they tell you?
Or would they make a power grab for all the resources in the world?
Would they build bunkers?
Would they beef up civilian law enforcement tools and vehicles?
I don't abuse my limited relationship with Busby, but he will answer any questions I pose, or hypothesis stuffs….
No to Bradwell's 'secret' radioactive discharges to the sea
Chris Busby
2nd December 2016
Magnox has applied to dissolve spent nuclear fuel canisters and release the liquid into the sea near Bradwell nuclear power station in Essex, writes Chris Busby.
Nuke Jousting scores a kill, LOL
This is Hilarious…on Saturday the 20th, a pronuker was attacking me and posted links to a Wisconsin nuclear site. The link he provided gave me some troll jousting fodder, and I took a shot a Kewaunee, a troubled Wisconsin nuclear plant….jousted it good!
2 days later….they announce the closing of the plant.
No joke, check this article on ENENews, the Kewaunee nuke plant is being mothballed for economic reasons — as its former large buyers have developed a successful feed-in-tariff using solar PV, and of course, Nat Gas backup and generation.
Nuke and Cancer a Word Correlation
Funny this relationship, well, not funny at all actually.
Killing ourselves to live, willing to give it all up for the illusion of cheap power. Sad.
HERE is all the supporting information, in the yellow highlight right below, click on to download all of the data and calculations, which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that at least Tens of Tons of Poisonous Heavy Metals were launched into the atmosphere, aerosolized well enough to travel all the way to Europe.
Exhibits and Tables for Uranium in Air
See the video of Unit 3 exploding over 1000 feet in the air. Very dramatic. There is no Reactor 3 left, only a few scattered pieces of yellow metal in the rubble.

Clintons Emails Released Clearly Show She Knew the Dangers to USA from Fukushima and Covered It Up
Radiation going up slowly and quickly across the US
A quick review shows some very disturbing trends.
The Charts below comes from Higgins website
Also, several months back, after being baffled by all the various radiation units bantered around, and always having to dig deep to figure out whether something mattered or not, I made a simple to use radiation chart. At the same time I was sending my geiger counter to Japan to help a Tokyo area family assess it's real risk, as it is obvious the Japan Gov /TEPCO has been lying through their teeth from day 1. So I also had the chart translated into Japanese, both are at this link
Geiger Counter Interpretation Simplified
I made this chart. Several other blogs have copied it nearly verbatim, and I am happy that others want to spread actionable information to protect people (would have been nice to get a proper credit though). I had the chart translated to Japanese as I was sending a Geiger to Japan to help families address their real risk. See bottom for the Japanese version.
This is a super condensed table on how to interpret Geiger Readings. Use it to supplement your own research and getting a "block of knowledge".
If you take this radiation stuff at all seriously, then get a Geiger. All the rest is guesswork.
Fukushima Is Here, This Month the EPA Shut Off The Beta Radiation Monitors Because Strontium 90 is Beta Type
stock here:
Folks if you like this type of Citizen Sleuthing and Reporting, sign up as a follower on the right, and do a share on Facebook, twitter, everything you got, even do the Google G+1. Thank You very much.
After reading this, you may be pissed. You may want to take action. Here is the guy in charge
Radiation Protection Division
Jonathan Edwards, Director
Phone: (202) 343-9290
ya denial of service, there will be too many visitors.
I wonder how the sites that follow nukepro are doing, LOL, check BIN
Global Warming, Real Information from the NukePro
This was fairly hard to find this data and parse in into a format that made some sense. Check out the charts and drop a comment.
Here is the Excel File Itself
Download it from Box which is a great free service, I recommend them.
think if a newcomer came in right now and saw 30 links to really quality original articles. Would they be intrigued?
Then they saw SadieDogs drivel. SadieDogs plot is to drive away new visitors. Shameful.
Delusions of Grandeur, are quite a bit better than Delusions of Adequacy