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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fukushima resources after the Earthquake

 Links below are stolen from

AFter Higgins house and website were wiped out by Sandy, I learned the importance of not relying on another website to store link locations.   So I will store them here, with credit to the source.

Dec07.12  5:00 am PST  The Fukushima hit by 7.3 Richter EQ and 1 m. tsunami.  The area has been bouncing along at 5-12 EQ a week for quite a while.  Today is the worst since 3/11.  Here's what my resources are saying 5 hours after the initial shock.
  • I see MSNBC report on the latest 7.3 EQ near Fukushima, with 1 m tsunami.
  • Live TEPCO webcam shows good, clear shot. Everything quiet and looking normal.  Helpful
  • Live TBS webcam is down.  Worthless.  
  • TBS historical camera 2012.1207_17.23@2:41-2:49 shows the EQ, no visible effect on the facility. Helpful.
  • USGS EQ map says 7.3 at 08:18 UTC -- followed by multiple bumps over 6.0 Helpful
  • ENENews is down at first but comes up.  Says nothing.  Worthless.
  • Nicholls EQ map is scrambled..  Worthless.
  • Jap gov't EQ map -- minimal info.  Almost worthless.
  • Japanese gov’t EQ "predictor" says "No information."  Worthless.
  • Fukishima Diary is reporting in real time, and using the event to beg for money, as per usual.  Helpful
  • Fairewinds says nothing, except begging for money, as usual.  Worthless.
  • JapanTimes says nothing.  Worthless
  • Fukushima Update says nothing.  Worthless.

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