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Friday, June 16, 2017

ENENEWS Battered Into Oblivion by Relentless Nuclear Cartel Internet Troll Droppings

It is summer in Wisconsin, it is short and cannot be wasted.   Time cannot be wasted, it is too precious.    As such I am withdrawing from future participation at ENENEWS, it appears to be a captured site, and a waste of time.

stock out


stock here.   It is useless to spend time on something which has a systemic problem that degrades one's efforts by 90%, ESPECIALLY when those problems can be readily and effectively enough, solved.    The systemic problem is the consistent and relentless attacks by trolls whose only purpose is to degrade the site.

Admin refuses to ban these trolls (in a timely manner).   Sure they can get a new IP address, which is the most likely way to ban someone, but their "identity" and habits are impossible to hide for long, so with a new Moniker and new IP, they would be quickly identified and re-banned.

The quality of the discourse would increase dramatically.    Other news sources would point at ENENEWS as a method of waking people up to the real problems that we face.   But with the "new owners" or the "captured admin", that is not to be.  

So the question is, why is it like this?    With tens of thousands of readers, if the site were "taken down" by the "new owners", there would be an outrage of "conspiracy" and not just that, but a new similar site would be set up by someone else.  

So a better strategy for the nuclear cartel?    Leave the site up and allow trolls to infect it, disgusting newcomers when they see tons of profanity, supposed alcoholics, drugs, flat earthers, and mandela trash.   Make it irrelevant without creating outrage AND a new similar site. 

With a $2B annual budget, the nuclear cartel protects it's gravy train of $400B per year.

Who is to say they didn't offer the former site owner, $200,000 to hand over ownership of the site?
In the past, admin has been slow to ban, but in the past, the trolls we jousted actually had a somewhat beneficial effect to the site, with many new readers and MANY new active participants.   

That is not the case with the new set of trolls, which just degrade the site, diluting it with so much almost sociopathic non-sense, and disgusting over the top unnecessary profanity.  


From the body of text below, this was my signoff posting.    

ya Alan, I am done with this crappy site. the trolls won, at least until Admin steps up his game.
He may be thinking that number of comment is the only thing that represents a "vital site".
It has become a joke of a site. aloha good peoples, I need to focus on fishing and not saving the world, for now.
stock out
Alan Reid
As it is now ENE is a failed forum, Much of the important work, work needed, is being held down with a low budget shill force getting paid by the post. Unless this changes and the counter force is put in place this forum is and will remain dead. Perhaps that is the point.

  • Jebus Jebus
    If everyone who saw the obvious madness, enough to leave, just spoke up…

  • If only you would in fact leave, How many might think that a good thing?.

  • This is the problem Jebus, They did speak up, some many times, most tired of not having any effect, tired of not being allowed to defend their forum..they just left because the many interruptions paid to stomp this forum were never properly dealt with in a timely manner.

    • ya Alan, I am done with this crappy site. the trolls won, at least until Admin steps up his game.
      He may be thinking that number of comment is the only thing that represents a "vital site".
      It has become a joke of a site. aloha good peoples, I need to focus on fishing and not saving the world, for now.
      stock out

    • Jebus Jebus
      Panning out to the Site, reveals more of why it is always interrupted by "mad chat".
      It has shown itself to be a common technique.
      It doesn't make sense to those looking for progress by collaboration…

    • DUDe DUDe
      Once we made a big noise to get a chance of moderation powers just for when its needed..but there was no sign of life response from above..its still an unanswered question why..

    • As it stands the failure of the admin to delegate moderation powers after all that has gone down here is that this is the intent. They were forced or given orders to fail the forum for obvious reasons, not to remove the site, just discredit it into oblivion. I may be wrong but looking at the last 4 months of B.S. i doubt i am.

      • Jebus Jebus
        Well, the way I have seen it happen before, is that things change, when enough speak up…

        • I got the impression this forum fell into government hands awhile back, i might be incorrect, but i might not be. If so noting is going to come of ENE in the post Fukushima recovery. It's too bad. I had hoped for so much more getting done .

        • Jebus Jebus
          I'd say that the Fukushima effect is global.
          I see where the work that matters for any progress is being done.
          This site offers a lot of information.
          I'm only seeing awareness being made here.
          That is why the madness.
          But the site is still up and open.
          The logic is to self moderate and help others understand, in a coherent language, once aware…
          It makes the rest obvious…

        • I agree the work is very important, and yes the site is still up, but few are willing to wade into the troll droppings to seek the info. Self moderation is a great ideal, but the other side of our coin here is intent on doing what ever they can to toss mud into our water. that's why you have to enforce a moderation policy. Maintaining order on a topic like this one is crucial. If RENSE will not link the new posts traffic is going to suffer, As soon ad that happened it became a ever decreasing pool of real seekers looking around a pool of troll droppings, The end to that sort of situation is clear.

  • HoTaters HoTaters
    Yes, Alan Reid, I have my suspicions, too, about who is a shill or troll here. Have been watching this malarkey for years now.

    • After 10 years of looking at this bunch, i can tell you they are a small and well paid group, Working in teams. Most have multiple logins and use many different access points. With enough time the persona of each of them is easily seen. Bans and the like will not work as you would think. With out a vigilance the Admin is unwilling to enact, this whole system is as we see today. for all the time of the 10 tears since my first login here i have seen the same persona come and go several times. Why this forum is on autopilot is a concern to me. But without the active controls of a regular mod it is going to remain mediocre. This sucks because at first back in 2007 the name ENEnews had a level of respect and was linked from many places and plenty of bloggers used it a source material, This is not how it is today sadly.


  1. Nice, Good job Stock. You get it just fine.

    1. Ya, looks clearly that ENENEWS was captured.

  2. I noticed that the Off topic forum went down after i brought up the anchor chain rip in the bow of the ACX. Must have touched a nerve there. It's still blank. I managed to get the whole topic posted on RENSE though. I doubt that ENE is going to be of much use in the future.

    1. Interesting. I have been launching my own boat, 28 foot combo fishing and touring boat. So saving time NOT being at ENE has been useful and essential.

      Boat is in the water, even floating.

  3. I took a sailboat class, Very fun. Learned a lot. sort of an expensive hobby though. That form of wind power is about as cool as one can get.

    1. ya I did a few mostly marine safety type courses, quite useful


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