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Monday, January 22, 2018

Lawsuit Against Google Exposes a Toxic Intolerant Violence Promoting Core Philosophy

stock here -- super busy with solar work and some other big projects that need to get done.

Long ago I surmised that any company that try to sell the idea that "We Are Not Evil" was probably pretty evil at it's core.
It should be totally clear to anyone paying attention, that mass media and mass entertainment, and now "search engines" and social media are being used by the power "elite" as a means to further their agendas. What do you think? -------------------------------------------------------------

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Divisiveness -- War On People -- Part of the NWO Plot to Seize Power Out Of A Chaos They Create

In prior years it was pretty unusual to hear of "grown women" having sex with their male students.

Why is this now commonplace? me too? It's part of the WAR ON PEOPLE, an attempt to create stress and resentment between males and females.

 Check it out, its like 90% Women.

Judicial Watch

George Webb

Keep your head as this wave crests. New territory for many people - waking up is hard to do. Truth advocates, like JW or George Webb, deserve your scrutiny. Leverage is keen in times of unbalance. Watch the USN; its roots are tied to the privateers. Their interests created the CIA, which is now running amuck with its partner in crime, the FBI. Imagine the intercept recordings of Bush family minions as this rock is tuned over. Or the sat photos of backyard burn barrels lighting up in certain zip codes.