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Monday, July 16, 2018

The so called "Dossier" -- No backup, no names, no emails, no pictures, no real timeline.

Someone said the dossier is much more than just about golden showers, so I decided to read it, their link anyway.   Apparently there are like 3 versions. 

Most notable, there are no names of information providers, no photos, no photocopies, no memos, no emails, no meat of any kind.   And numerous completely implausible presentations, such as someone knowing the content of some of Putin's private meetings.   Or a contingency plan for if the "plot" was ever found out, that some hackers would travel to another city and "lay low", like WTF difference would your physical location matter, one could certainly lay low of further hacking attempts but to pretend some old school meme of going to another city would apply to a modern day electronic communications situation, is pretty absurd on the face of it.  

Read it, see how much you believe it.    It seems "they" paid $15M to $50M for this unbacked up trash.   

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Strzok -- A Sociopath -- Not Just A Guy -- Willing Tool of the Establishment Crime Syndicate

stock here - I added a video at the bottom, by a Maven who interprets Body Language.    Check it out.
Looks like ABC is not ready for the truth

stock here-- I added some links at the bottom from Lot's Wife, who discovered that Strzok's Dad was basically a high level nuke and arms dealer, who incidentally was the one who escorted BHO around Kenya.   I watched a good portion of the Kabuki Theater with Strzok under Oath.

It is clear that Strzok is a sociopath of sorts, with some other personality disorders thrown in.   Maybe even some Lucifierian spirit cooking type stuff that seems all the rage in Politics and Hollywood.  Review the video clip from twitter and also the original source document.   Even the veins on his forehead resemble a devil, just saying.

Here is the video in case you want an early watch, it is also down below.

Although this testimony was fairly damning, their goal was achieved, nothing prosecutable came out,
much less even a clear call to remove his FBI security clearance.

Interesting note--in months past the FBI implied that his security clearance had been pulled.    But during this testimony Strzok confirmed that he still had his prior security clearance (there are many level of clearance for accessing secret and top secret clearances and Specially Compartmentalized Information, and he has a high level one).

The security clearance claim was from Jeff Sessions who has been sketchy in my book, but Sessions is now confirmed as needing to be removed and replaced.   No charges are coming against any of the Clinton Obama deep state actors, and until that happens, our constitutional republic is at grave risk.

It should also be noted the claims that Strzok had been "escorted out of the building", more Kabuki theater, the narrative being that this threat has been mitigated and he is being punished.   Hilariously, as the FBI needs to be gutted of corruption, Strzok is now in charge of HR for the FBI with a full security clearance to boot.    He is such a valuable asset, the deep state risks much to keep him around.

I am still under contract with the US Government for a few more decades not to divulge items I worked on and saw, and it would even be illegal to divulge the words that describe my clearance.  So I kind of know this stuff.

Let's get to the video first, because it is a bombshell, for anyone wondering what kind of person we are dealing with.   And further down, information from readers, who have deep dived

For full context, view C-Span: 6:23:30:

 Aside, I picked up this video from Twitter, and then about an hour later, Zerohedge ran the same story.   Which is great, spreading the word about these sociopaths at top levels of our intelligence agencies is important.

Here is the Zerohedge Story

One of the key talking points that Democrats used, besides the ubiquitous, "Mr. Strzok, thank you for your service", was that there have been 5 convictions under the Mueller Investigation.    General Flynn being the highest ranking one, and the first one mentioned.   You will see below that it was a bullshit fabrication, and a resultant effect of the bullshit Russia narrative.

His Adulteress, Lawyer Lisa Page, who worked on the same investigation, but was not technically a superior or subordinate (and therefore that did not break the FBI rule of sex between co-workers, in case you were wondering).   Anyhow, Page consipred with Strzok, using information he got from a graduation party, to collude with someone who became the Judge over General Flynns indictment.    They knew that a one on one meeting could be seen very negatively, so they conspired to set up a fake "dinner party".   Seriously, this all happened and was documented.

Here is the full copy of the "charges" against Flynn.    They were claimed to have interfered
with the "Russia Did It" investigation, which is total bullshit.    Flynn should have not agreed to their dog and pony show, but hind site is 20/20.

This is what we know for sure.   How deep does the rabbit hole go? 

Barrack Hussein Obama pardoned Strzok's Wife's Father on his last day in office.   Think about that for a Sociopath...they love sex and the control it brings.   Strzok could openly fuck Lisa Page and have his co-workers and wife know about it, with the threat of his Wife's father going to prison unless she tolerates it (he had knowledge of Stuxnet, which is a sabotage method for uranium enrichment).   What a perfect set up for a Sociopath.   I am sure Strzok's wife also knows that additional charges could be brought against her father if she acts up.

All this shit ties in with Uranium and Nuclear, include Strzok's father and brother, and likely Uranium One and the Clinton Crime Syndicate


Melissa Hodgman Named Associate Director in SEC Enforcement Division

Washington D.C., Oct. 14, 2016 —
The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Melissa Hodgman has been named Associate Director in the SEC’s Enforcement Division.  Ms. Hodgman succeeds Stephen L. Cohen, who left the SEC in June.
Ms. Hodgman began working in the Enforcement Division in 2008 as a staff attorney.  She joined the Market Abuse Unit in 2010 and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2012.
Ms. Hodgman has investigated or supervised dozens of enforcement recommendations spanning a variety of misconduct, including:

Complete exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok 

Agent Strzok’s father was a high-level Army Corps of Engineer official who spent 30 years in Kenya and nearby regions. He escorted BHO on his nostalgia tour of Kenya. In addition to water and soil reclamation, he was the CIA’s man on the ground. Later, he worked for USAID and Catholic Relief Services. In both capacities, it would not be unusual to trade drugs for guns; train insurgents; manage air transport; advise local headmen; and select teenagers for edu and grooming in the US. It is believed that Strzok Jr. was born in Nairobi - imagine the pampered childhood - returning to the US [MN] when he was 12 years old. While not yet widely known, insiders suggest that the Strzok family and Obama enjoy a personal relationship. In this hearing, Strzok Jr.’s performance is similar to hubris often displayed by BHO. 


stock here
Looks like ABC is not ready for the truth
Funny how this attack on Trump stems obviously back to late 1800's American communists and Jews, they are linked.

overbet gdpetti Mon, 07/16/2018 - 17:30 Permalink
Browder's paternal grandfather was Earl Browder, who was born in Kansas in 1891.He was a radical and had lived in the Soviet Union for several years from 1927 and married Raisa Berkman, a Jewish Russian woman, while living there. After his return to the United States in 1931,Earl Browder became the leader of the Communist Party USA, and ran for U.S. president in 1936 and 1940. After World War II, Earl Browder lost favor with Moscow and was expelled from the American Communist party.

“A handful of shysters who basically stole Russia's most valuable companies in the 90s, minting a small handful of mega-billionaires, while the rest of the country ate dirt.” (Hedge fund managers George Soros, Bill Browder and other Russian investors ripped off the Russian people)
 …”the Great Russian Rip Off” happened in the 1990’s, while Soros was Bill Clintons Expert on Russian affair…
…Coincidentally, Bill Browder is the man behind the accusations by the Clintons of Trump’s Russian collusion..

Thank you for the great post Jack's Ma:


Friday, July 13, 2018

Satanic Possession of Strzok Caught on Video

This is from the July 12 2018 Testimony Before Congress

Oppenheimer has a similar moment at 13 seconds into this video.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Major Forest Fires at Chernobyl -- Officals State No Increase In Radiation -- However They Only Mean Kiev

stock here.

In past years it has been publicized often that the expected decrease in radiation has not occurred at all.   It is about the same as 30 years ago.    This was not expected by the experts, and they expected at least a "half life decrease", along with a dilution decrease.

Somehow that is not happening.   I do not have a strong theory on that, except to guess (not even a
hypothesis at this point) that initially radionuclides were flushed into the upper layers of soil by rains, and down far enough to not register much on a Geiger.    Now they are re-suspended by plant uptake.

We also know that "decomposition" of the forest has been pretty much absent.   I am pretty sure that normal fungi and microbial decomposition would not make the radiation any less, and may actually increase bio-availability for plant uptake.  

My Chitin Hypothesis explains much of the reason for lack of forest breakdown.   This also explains the degradation of the Pacific after Fukushima.   

 A major wildfire is sweeping through the Chernobyl nuclear disaster area. The authorities have deployed dozens of fire trucks as firefighting aircraft bombard the radioactive exclusion zone with massive amounts of water.
The fire inside the Chernobyl 'dead zone,' which is now part of Ukraine, started on Tuesday morning, when dry grass was ignited, local emergency services said in a statement. The wildfire subsequently reached a forest, where up to 10 hectares (24 acres) are now in flames.
Some 29 vehicles and 126 personnel have been dispatched at the scene, with several planes and helicopters dropping water from the sky on the area engulfed by wildfire.
The zone saw another large blaze last year, which scorched 25 hectares (60 acres) of land.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Our Radiation Shield Is Diminshed -- And Flight Attendents Get More Cancer

stock here:

Many who read this page understand several important factors going on with the Earth and associated Space Weather.

1) Earth is undergoing a magnetic pole flip.   I first noticed this around 2005 when the compass readings I took for solar work in Hawaii no longer meshed with what was "expected".  Since then, the change has become fairly well documented, although maybe only 1 in 100 educated people even know about it.

2) The "Quiet Sun" which means, for the most part, lack of sunspots and their associated high magnetism.    Just like the last solar cycle, which also had scientists baffled at how quickly the sun got quiet, this cycle playing out in real time also beffudled said "scientists" by a quick drop below their expected near sine-siodal curve.   A quiet sun lessens the magnetic field interaction between the earth and sun, and allows more GCR's to get into our atmosphere.    Those GCRs are Gamma Rays....very much like the Gamma rays created by earth based ionizing radiation that we often focus on here at Nukepro


They point directly to GCRs in this article above.   But then throw out this ringer:

The study cannot prove what causes this increase, but the authors said increased exposure to ionising radiation from time spent in the thinner upper atmosphere as well as disrupted sleep and meal cycles could be factors.

Some 3.4 percent of the women who flew for a living had breast cancer, compared to 2.3 percent in the general population.
The flight-crew rate was 0.15 percent compared to 0.13 percent for uterine cancer; 1.0 compared to 0.70 percent for cervical cancer; 0.47 compared to 0.27 percent for stomach or colon cancer; and 0.67 compared to 0.56 percent for thyroid cancer.
The risk of breast cancer was higher in women who had never had children, as well as those who had three or more.
Having no childlen was a known risk factor, noted Mordukhovich.
- Cosmic radiation -
But we were surprised to replicate a recent finding that exposure to work as a flight attendant was related to breast cancer exclusively among women with three or more children, she said.
This may be due to combined sources of circadian rhythm disruption -- sleep deprivation and irregular schedules -- both at home and at work.
Male flight attendants were found to have higher rates of skin cancer -- 1.2 and 3.2 percent for melanoma and non-melanoma cancer, respectively, compared to 0.69 and 2.9 percent for the adult population as a whole.

This article from 2003 indicates that this is not "news".    But with the solar cycle and current quiet sun, this is a great time to educate people to overall risks of radiation, and that means not just cancer, but morbidity (sickness) in many ways.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Large Earthquakes in Hawaii up 4600% -- And Mass Media Is Focused on Cars on Fire

In Hawaii region,

In 2018 there have been 23 EQ over 5.0 so far.

In 100 years prior, there were 50 total EQ over 5.0

And this is just barely "news"

The Kileaua Caldera/Crater is collapsing in on itself.   Huge chunks of mountain are falling into a 1000' hole.

And in this most unusual and dramatic events unfolding, the Hilina Slump has not made mainstream news AT ALL.    Even in Hawaii, it is barely mentioned.   "Nothing" can come in the way of getting those tourist dollars. 

NO UPDATES from USGS since June 14th, this is June 17th.    I guess they "take off" for fathers day weekend.   LOL

The experts pretend that because Hilina slump only creates a 1000' tsunami every 100,000 years, that there is no elevated risk.

I can't share this great video on fountaining and massive lava rivers.   So watch it at the source.

I can share this one direct USGS


Saturday, June 16, 2018

Significant Increase In Large Earthquakes over 4.5 --- and USGS Data Feed Now Failing 100%

I don't have time for a detailed analysis of GCR influx compared to Earthquakes.    Thats Galactic Cosmic Rays by the way.

But my hypothesis is that cosmic rays nucleate gases within Magma causing more EQ and Volcanic activity.    As the sun enters a "quiet period" it functions as a less effective shield for GCRs, thus more nucleation, more activity.  

Friday, June 15, 2018

352 Earthquakes On Hawaii in One Day, Double Previous Record

And they still pretend and downplay the chances of the Hilina Slump and a 1000' Tsunami

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Volcanic "Cycle" In Hawaii Supports Nukepro Hypothesis of Cosmic Gamma Rays Nucleation of Magma

I will claim this hypothesis as my own.   Seems like it could be proven pretty well by looking at historical data, even geological data for long term evidence.

GCRs Galactic Cosmic Rays (Gamma Rays) do nucleate cloud formation and greatly affect earth weather and temperature.    Now it seems clear that they also affect volcanic processes, Magma, and also Earthquakes.    Recent activity in Hawaii shows
1) A quiet day re earthquakes
2) A building day of swarms of EQ 100 to 200 over 2.5
3) A large volcanic earthquake, or they like to call it volcanic eruption although I think that is mostly some type of excuse to down play scary "earthquakes" by the USGS.    I haven't figure out the motivation yet.


These 5.3 to 5.6 "Eruptions" all happen in the wee hours of the morning, and none of this is publicized by the USGS as a proper warning.    Why is that?

They are also downplaying the likelihood of the Hilina Slump.   I can see why..... people would freak out.    And if it happens, its pretty much game over for 90% of the island chain, maybe Kauai gets somewhat spared, but a 1000' Tsunami is a serious thing.   Downplay the chances.....


LOL a reader sent into these links to "others" who look like they have "discovered" the same thing as me.    Sheesh, seems like I always end up being a "co-discoverer"

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Amazingly High Radiation in Tokyo Bay -- 131,000 Bq per Meter Squared


 A monitoring survey was conducted from August 2011 to July 2016 of the spatiotemporal
distribution in the 400 km2 area of the northern part of Tokyo Bay and in rivers flowing into it of radiocesium released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident.

The average inventory in the river mouth (10 km2) was 131 kBq⋅m-2 and 0.73 kBq⋅m-2 in the central bay (330 km2) as the decay corrected value on March 16, 2011. Most of the radiocesium that flowed into Tokyo Bay originated in the northeastern section of the Tokyo metropolitan area, where the highest precipitation zone of 137Cs in soil was almost the same level as that in Fukushima City, then flowed into and was deposited in the Old-Edogawa River estuary, deep in Tokyo Bay.

The highest precipitation of radiocesium measured in the high contaminated zone was 460 kBq⋅m-2. The inventory in sediment off the estuary of Old-Edogawa was 20.1 kBq⋅m-2 in August 2011 immediately after the accident, but it increased to 104 kBq⋅m-2 in July 2016. However, the radiocesium diffused minimally in sediments in the central area of Tokyo Bay in the five years following the FDNPP accident.

The flux of radiocesium off the estuary decreased slightly immediately after the accident and conformed almost exactly to the values predicted based on its radioactive decay. Contrarily, the inventory of radiocesium in the sediment has increased.

It was estimated that of the 8.33 TBq precipitated from the atmosphere in the catchment regions of the rivers Edogawa and Old-Edogawa, 1.31 TBq migrated through rivers and was deposited in the sediments of the Old-Edogawa estuary by July 2016. Currently, 0.25 TBq⋅yr-1 of radiocesium continues to flow into the deep parts of Tokyo Bay.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Volcano Hawaii 192 Earthquakes in last 24 hours and a BIG 5.3

also to miss Frill....appreciate all your comments, I have become shadow banned at my own site from posting comments....amazing, thanks Google. Time to back up my WHOLE SITE or GTFO to Wordpress, but also closing down Hawaii ops, so no time. --------------------------------------- EQ is increasing, not slowing down.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hawaii Volcano / EQ Being Caused By Quiet Sun, and Central USA Unrest

106 EQ over 4.0 in 100 years.  
8 of them just in the last few months.

Hmmmmm  are GCR's nucleating gases in the Magma?

Back to Hawaii -- We are in uncharted territory.    Rumors of FEMA ships to rescue after a huge
disaster.   The Hilina Slump has in the last century, created 60' Tsunamis locally that threw 9 foot Tsunamis at parts of California.     What would a 1000' Tsunami do to California, say being 150' hitting California.  

Biggest Swarm so far this "event" 178 EQ and then a 5.2, followed by some pretty rapid aftershocks.


And some conspiracy stuff here -- Satanism

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hawaii Volcano Update June 8 -- After the Calm, Another Swarm, then another 5+

After yesterdays "calm day", the 2 to 3 range EQ started ramping up into a swarm, and then almost an
EQ every minute.....then early in the morning, another 5 plus.

This one was just 5.2, so it broke the trend of every increasing "big ones".

After the big one, the EQ drops to about 1 per hour instead of 1 per minute.   Look at the time stamps on the subsequent EQ

USGS 0060818

 Here is a nifty livestream with a split view showing the Caldera (which is collapsing like a son a gun) and a down slope view showing amazing fountaining.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Volcano Update -- June 7 -- Calm Period -- Just 18 EQ>2.5 Since the Predicted 5.6 at 4PM Yesterday

stock here -- just added this USGS chart from today....note how the new, infrequent (1 per hour)
quakes are filling in perfectly along the Hilina Slump, see top image.
Yesterday I emphasized the now clear patterns of swarms of small quakes preceding a big Quake, rather then the small 2.5's releasing energy, and preventing a "big one", they are a great signal to an upcoming "big one"

I also "discovered" something that NO ONE has talked about.    After the initial massive 6.9 EQ just barely off the shore, the 2 subsequent big EQ were not in the volcano but in the deep ocean debris field from the last Slump.   See yesterdays post for that, but it is very significant.

A disturbance of the debris field, can lead to a larger Slump, which in the recent past (1975 for one)
has caused 60' Tsunami, nothing to laugh at.    The Tohoku Earthquake that caused Fukushima was smaller, but admittedly quite a bit wider than these "small slumps".

A Big Slump could cause a Tsunami of 1000', almost hard to picture, and even after hours of research, I found no way to model it's dispersion or land entry penetration depending on location and local bathymetry.

So after i predicted a "big one", a 5.6 hit an hour later.   Since then, 19 hours ago, there have only been 18 EQ>2.5/19H.    A calm period.    Before the next storm........

Kilauea Crater saw significant collapse.   See Image.

Guatemala, Madagascar, Quiet Zone in Japan (building energy), Hawaii, and Yellowstone/Steamboat are all very concerning.      I had this crazy idea that maybe increased cosmic rays due to quiet sun et al, is activating gasses within the magna deep in the earth, and that is causing all this.    LOL  we will see how that Hypothesis plays out. 


Big Emotional Toll on Those Affected  -- One of the Things is "Inability to Forecast"

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hawaii -- Underwater Debris Field Destabilized -- No Support For Land Structure -- And Now More Weight and Lubrication

Note--new USGS livestream at main crater is at the far bottom of this post.   Steaming away across the entire throat of the crater.

The first 2 quakes of this "volley" started far off shore and relatively deep.   This likely disturbed the prior debris from the last Hilina Slump "slump off". 

THIS IS THE KEY POINT....the prior debris field that was stabilizing things, is disturbed and weakened.  
Geologists prior to this were claiming that the prior slump will prevent <link> or slow down another big Slump.     

Sure, unless of course some big EQ destabilizes the debris field and "re-liquifies" the rubble.   Which is exactly what happened.

I called for an even larger EQ--- I was convinced enough that I alerted the authorities by phone.

My call for a very large EQ, was spot on.     An hour after the authorities were notifeid,  a 5.6 occurred (the largest of this sequence, they keep getting incrementally larger!) 

You need to keep in mind the Hilina Slump is inherently unstable, but now 
1) it's base in the ocean has been liquified, 
2) millions of tons of mass of lava have been added to the top side, 
3) and a slip plain of pressurized lubrication makes it like the Slump is floated up by hot magma.

Damage reports have yet to come in, but this will likely spur greater fountains and flows.

This flow is already bigger than anything in 200 years, and regular people hear that "things are slowing down".    MSM at it's "best".

100,000 years between big slumps…but even recently…..

An earthquake on April 2, 1868, rocked the southeast coast of Hawaii with a magnitude estimated between 7.25 and 7.75. It triggered a landslide on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano, five miles (8 km) north of Pahala, killing 31 people. A tsunami claimed 46 additional lives. The villages of Punaluʻu, Ninole, Kawaa, Honuapo, and Keauhou Landing were severely damaged. According to one account, the tsunami "rolled in over the tops of the coconut trees, probably 60 feet (20 m) high ... inland a distance of a quarter of a mile in some places, taking out to sea when it returned, houses, men, women, and almost everything movable."[24]
A similar earthquake occurred November 29, 1975, with a magnitude of 7.2. A 40-mile (60 km) wide section of the Hilina Slump slid 11 feet (3 m) into the ocean, widening the crack by 26 ft (8 m). This movement also caused a tsunami that reached a maximum height of 47.0 feet (14.3 m) at Keauhou Landing.[25] Oceanfront properties were washed off their foundations in Punaluʻu. Two deaths were reported at Halape, and 19 other persons were injured. The shoreline at Keauhou Bay was dramatically altered.[26]