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Saturday, January 25, 2020

NPR is total Leftist Bullshit 24/7, They Need to Be Defunded from Federal Funding. (QRV)

NPR is total Leftist Bullshit 24/7, They Need to Be Defunded from Federal Funding. (QRV)
submitted ago by 3624781?
NPR reporter says Pompeo shouted, cursed at her after she pressed him on Ukraine during interview
Oh what was the curse anyway? Per that story, said curse was after the interview, anyway.

Let me make one up..."why the hell are you asking me about Ukraine when I agreed to do the interview, we agreed the subject would be Iran"

LOL she tried hard, but couldn't provoke something newsworthy out of him during the interview, but then made up an "after the interview story" in order to still make the point. Sorry, not buying it. After the interview, you get the hell out, plain and simply. Sorry for cussing missy.....

Or was it more? Even the narrative just to show that Pompeo's aides set him up, that there is discord at the highest levels....hmmm when have we seen that narrative before.....

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Public comments

Public funding with donations. Take a guess who or shall I say what religion and country? Shekels anyone?
Who wants a pirate radio station? Iv built and own many. I started when I was 13 as a hobby. Let’s broadcast next to their channel 24/7 with real news!
Did you say portable transmitter? Lol.
[–] 22250269? 8 points (+8|-0) ago 
Holy fuck bro... Make a pirate radio sub! At least a how-to post. I would love to do some shit like that.

[–] 22251850? ago 
Let’s roll. Where can we meet? We could start laying a foundation and could gain our footing just in time for the msm to explode under their own corruption, and we will be in perfect position to accept the news refugees.
[–] 22249785? -3 points (+1|-4) ago 
Jumping to Jews ignores the useful idiots.
[–] 22249878? 0 points (+1|-1) ago 
What percentage of Jews are fully aware of what high level people within their religion are up to? More or less than Catholics?
[–] 22249201? 11 points (+11|-0) ago 
National Propaganda Radio
[–] 22249251? [S] 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
Why are they not defunded already....weird
[–] 22250256? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Congress Controlls the power of the purse. ... That's why.

[–] 22252305? 1 point (+1|-0) ago 
The cabal has been operating with public tax dollars for a hundred years. They corrupt people everywhere with OUR Money! Not very many of the takers will voluntarily cut off their own money supply.
[–] 22249652? 7 points (+7|-0) ago 
Welcome to the party! You’re a decade or so behind the curve. Every story, every inclusion or exclusion, every nuance to every syllable is crafted to push an agenda. They worked Russia intro every story 4 times for two years as well.
Time to defund and restart.

[–] 22251156? 5 points (+5|-0) ago 
Funny that 1984 was written as a warning, but has since become an How-To guide for these people.
Which will also be their undoing. Orwell was brilliant, but not that brilliant. His Ociana is far too heavy handed of a government to ever gain legitimacy and rule for very long. And nor was it ever meant to be viable. It was a hyperbole meant to illustrate more subtle political and news-speak maneuvers by the then-forming Deep State. What we are dealing with now are the Children and Grandchildren of the original Deep State founders. And they clearly didn't listen to their grandpappy's enough. As they try to emulate Orwell's hyperbolic satire they are doing exactly what Orwell tried to accomplish: point out their own attempts at manipulating and controlling minds.

[–] 22249776? 4 points (+4|-0) ago 
They Saturday after the 2016 election results, Michael Feldman already had Russian collusion jokes lined up on "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me," before mainstream media outlets were even widely reporting it; as if he had been issued his marching orders from some centeal propaganda authority overnight.
[–] 22249742? 4 points (+4|-0) ago  (edited ago)

They are not defunded yet because Trump needs to show the people that the MSM is taking orders from the DS/Cabal. That's all coming soon. They will be defunded once that is disclosed to the ever NPR loving public sheep. Many sheep love them for their wishy-washy programs. There is no reason for them to be funded by us. Everything they produce has nuances of the DS narrative in it. Collectivism, socialism, welfare, Oh isn't that noice........don't get me started! Lol.
[–] 22250300? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
  •   [–] 22250862? 1 point (+3|-2) ago  (edited ago)
Trump needs to show the people that the MSM is taking orders from the DS/Cabal.
This is one of the most ridiculous stories I've ever seen. Imagine your local police chief saying: "Yes, we know the identities of the criminal groups in our town who are committing all the crimes, but we're not going to arrest or stop them until every person in town is aware of what they're doing. Yes, it may take years, and they'll kill, rob and rape many people in the meantime, but our job is to raise awareness, not actually do anything about crime."
Yep, sounds perfectly normal.

[–] 22253685? ago  (edited ago)
You obviously are oblivious to the plans to defeat them all in one big fowl swoop. Why rile up the public in protest until you have evidence? Trump has obviously been raising the 'fake MSM' situation constantly but its not like "Planned Parenthood" who are killing little babies, which is a crime.m
[–] 22251145? 3 points (+3|-0) ago 
Gotta love how the National radio that is supposedly funded by the government is now devoted entirely to helping only 1 out of 2 parties get elected and undermining our Republic.
The entire editorial team of the NPR needs removed and let it be replaced with what its mission used to be: Radio that supports arts and culture stuff that isn't normally commercially viable. It needs to return itself to wholesome content, and AWAY from being a leftist political mouthpiece.

The only thing worth a fuck on npr was car talk. And that's gone now.
[–] 22250467? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Why not just insert new management and turn it against them?
[–] 22250867? 2 points (+2|-0) ago 
Because the plan is designed to keep people sitting on their asses, and just posting on the internet.

Friday, January 24, 2020

pEACHmiNT Fallacy, Pulling Back to US of Ukraine Female Ambassador Was Wrong and Mean

There was ZERO need for Guililani to try to say bad stuff about her or dig up dirt.

If Trump wants an ambassador gone, it is 100% his decision.   He needs no leverage, no reasons, no dirt.    So the whole story is BS out of the gate.  

An article I did

Establishment Pretends that Ukraine Ambassador Female Was Removed Because of 4 Disinformation Smears, Except of Course They Are All Totally True!

Now the spin is a "recording" but there is no audio, nor even a hint of who controls the audio....just quotes from said non-presented recording.   About Trump being abrupt and saying to "get her out of their tomorrow".   And what exactly is the point?   

They did release an audio, and I would at first blush say that it is indeed Trump, at a dinner.   

Y was already scheduled to come back to USA.    So this even goes beyond that bullshit, the existing plan happened.   Maybe it was sped up a little.  

And George Kent, another effing piece of work over there in Ukraine, super corrupt Ukraine.   I did post work on him....

Everything else on the internet scrubbed on Kent, hmmmm
From the WikiBio for George Kent, of whom all prior internet information has been scrubbed from the internet.

 George Kent (Trump Attacker) Thinks Ukraine's Intelligence Agency Needs to Be "Reformed" To Be More Like CIA

Dec 5, 2018

"It needs to stop doing what the functions of law enforcement are...."

Windows 10 -- More Powerful Way to Spy on You, Being Jammed Down Your Throat, as Awesome Win 7 Is Strangled

stock here.    I have one computer with Windows 10, and I hate it.    Beyond the spying, I just hate it.

Last fall I predicted that Microsoft would intentionally release viruses to screw up Win 7 users.   Haven't seen that yet, it will come.

Now if you have a subscription to Office 365, they say some things will stop working because 365 "requires" being run under a "supported" operating system.

I am brainstorming and sending out feelers on:

1) How long can this transition be avoided
2) If forced to "upgrade", how can it be done at no cost.   I mean when I bought Win 7, they never told me the one day it would just stop working.
3) On Win 10, how can you quickly customize it to act more like Win 7?
4) How can you mitigate the spying?

LOL Switch to apple products entirely???

While being badgered and pushed into Windows 10, a new story broke....Microsoft had 250 Million
customer records completely unprotected, just totally out there on the web, no account or password needed!!!!

So they pretty much got us by the short hairs.    We need an Electronic Bill of Rights for Americans.

Attached are some of my screen caps of this horrendous way they are jamming the spy worthy, and dysfunctional Windows 10 down our throats.

Cross Sectional Analysis of Moana Loa Shows Large Magma Chamber at 6000ft to 10000ft -- Eruption Warning Issued

stock here

Let's start with the exciting end game.    It sure looks like Moana Loa is about to blow.   
And I invented a way to map the Magma Chambers of Moana Loa, it's below.

On Jan 21, 2020, with perfect vision (get it?) I announced prediction of Moana Loa eruption.

Amazingly, later that day, the Chief Scientist at Moana Loa, put out a YouTube video discussing the Big Island volcanic systems and the chance for more activity.   She completely ignored the Large High Hits on Moana Loa.    I think they wanted to show that they "pre-warned" so that no one can later attack them for negligence, like when the town of Kona is wiped out.

I have to say, I think this is pretty advanced.   As with many "projects" I have been meaning to do this for a while.   

I was always somewhat skeptical of the everywhere accepted Tectonic Plate theory, especially when they show land masses curling down so vertically.   But once I started studying deep earthquakes, it became obvious that at some depth, there were no more can't have earthquakes in liquid (OK call it a thixotropic fluid).    

So then I intended to apply this to magma chambers to "map" them.    In particular, their shape, their feeder ports and tubes and slots, and their exposure to Galactic Cosmic Rays which can nucleate their dissolved gases.

But really it took over a year to come up with any decent way of 3D mapping.    But it was not "instructive", it was too messy.   They make awesome video presentations of changes and events over time, but they are too messy to identify magma chambers.

So I had an epiphany, kind of counter intuitive.....   Use the same data, but slice it into 2D and look at it from different angles too.  That is below in the dark plots.    A future project will be to parse the data into a view from 45 degrees between Latitude and Longitude, using some type of Cartesian coordinate system manipulation.   Wish me luck on that one, LOL.  


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Soros Looks and Sounds Like Shit -- Let's Hope He Passes On Soon

The Soros speech is above at the Twitter link, I tried to find it on YouTube but couldn't so I hope you have Twitter.    At least try to get a fake Twitter, but it sure appears you cannot do it without a real phone number.    I tried to do it with a "derived phone number" (you can run 2 phone numbers on a single cell phone, and there are services that can give you a second number, in some cases for free or quite cheap) and Twitter filters all those out.

I wonder if a Burner Phone would still work? 

I actually signed up with a "real account" for Twitter.  Keep your enemies close, LOL.
I found one Youtube clip about 2020 Soros at Davos, a short piece of Soros talking about Facebook and how Facebook will conspire with Trump to get him elected again.  

This old goat needs to be put out to pasture.    I mean the whole Russian Trolls and Facebook thing has been so worked over and exposed as to be a laughing stock.    Bottom line, Russian Trolls posted about $100,000 of pro Trump ads that were really crappy ads and most of them were never seen by anyone.

To pretend that Zuckerberg would allow anything of any magnitude as pro-Trump just boggles the imagination.   Zuckerberg is fully CIA and CIA is fully deep state and fully Anti-Trump.    They killed Kennedy, and used Jacob Rubenstein to kill the evidence.    Jack Ruby -- Get it?

Here is one found by Flying Cuttlefish.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Adam Schiff and Ed Buck

Here is a picture from VOAT

Drop a comment, link, or image and I will add to this "article"

Like this stuff?   Sign up as a follower, I might think someone is actually paying attention.


Ed Buck is a real piece of work.    Research him, and connection to Adam Schiff.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Series of Large and High Earthquakes On Mauna Loa, Portend a New Eruption Of Largest Volcano

stock here

Rarely do "large earthquakes" hit high up in Mauna Loa, and for Hawaii, 3 and up is considered large.

But we just had a 3.3 today, and it was over 5000 feet above sea level.

The last time Mauna Loa erupted, Kona was a sleepy but fun fishing village.   Now they have all the big box stores  and a population approaching 50,000. 

Also, Yellowstone is showing some incredible activity.

Large High Elevation Quakes (LHEQ)

It was one month after the Winter Solstice Quake at 1600 meters ASL.

And 7 months after the Summer Solstice Quake at 1700 meters ASL

These are the only Large High Quakes in recent history, except the single 2016 Quake

That seems very odd, and I have yet to come up with a hypothesis, and why the Solstice would cause magmatic generated quakes.

Location of today's high hit.

A video update from 0122 2020 from a Big Island TV source popped up in my Youtube feed. Interesting, this came right after my Big Island update and warning. They have a bunch of "nice" graphics, and I like the side view of the volcano and earthquakes. I will do one myself looking from the north and west.

Also interesting that she (Tina  Neal) today discusses the inflation and Mauna Loa.   The video below is of the Aug 6 2019 "shutdown of the Volcano" which is discussed in detail, but they fail to connect it to the

This is an early eruption May 13, 2018 discussion by Scientist in Charge Tina Neal. So much knowledge but so little intuition.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Hawaii Rapid Fire Earthquakes and a Hilina Slump Hit -- Ring of Fire EQ Alert Also

stock here, with the Kp index STILL on the floor, going into 3 months as we wait with baited breath for the return of Sun Spots and a restoration of Earth's magnetic shield......

We have also predicted increased Vulcanism due to GCR's.

It should be noted that Dutchsinse, who did excellent Earthquake research and prediction, often was at odds with the USGS, and was very vocal about it.  

He is gone, his website and social media just a zombie ghost of their former selves.    Just this week.     Censorship at al

l levels is high, and will go through the roof.

That said, I went looking for the high altitude "Slump Hit" that I saw within the last week.   It was perfect placement, and similar to the above sea level slump hits that started the 2018 Hawaiian Volcanic Event (HVE).  

It's gone.....disappeared from the record, and I had not screen capped it.  

 One month of Hawaii EQ 2.5 and up.    Almost 2 a day, and fairly spread out into the ocean.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Citizen Scientists, Alt Media Being Attacked From All Angles, EQ Researcher Dutchsinse Missing In Action

Submitted by Dr. Donelson

Written by Jim Stone

Jim Stone reporting today.



I have been watching who I know about in alt media and there are problems.

Field McConnel vanished into a jail somewhere and now the abel danger web site is gone. That's important, because Field was not the only one there, he did not own that web site, someone else did and it had other people writing for it in addition to Field. They obviously took "someone else" out also. stopped updating. There's a message saying "Feeling down with the weather today" to explain why nothing got posted, but from what I could perceived, both Mike and Claire posted to that site and there was always something posted, no matter what, even if it was only a little. I try to do that here also when there are problems. Never before has Mike not gotten something posted on his site daily for any reason. Maybe he's ok, time will tell and there's always a first for everything, BUT THEN THERE IS THIS:

The following is getting posted to various forums:

Status update on Dutchsince - not all is well
We are a White Hat group of ex-leos called the Patriot Defenders and here's what we know so far
1) His channel is still up: [link to (secure) but there's no content.
2) His Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram are reportedly all deleted.
3) No one has heard a peep from him for over three days now.
4) Lots of false reports and rumors that, "So and so said he's ok" or "I heard he was fine" or "my uncle said he was ok" or "this guy talked to this guy who talked to this guy who said he's ok", all of which are B.S. as far as we can tell.
5) The last legitimate reports we have are the following:
a) he was at dinner with his wife and overheard that he was acting strange and "agitated" at the table.
b) friend said he had been threatened
c) another friend said his house was bugged.
d) another friend reported he was being followed.
6) We have no other reports at this time that we can verify. Be advised that multiple strange shill or "dummy" accounts are posting false info, which seems to be part of this entire orchestrated attempt to eliminate this man.

7) We can verify all of this is related to his EQ predictions. There is something about what he was reporting recently that reached a very very high level in the government and they took action, because there's something they do not want the world to know, something terrifying that would cause mass panic and also revealed some of their plans. What this is may not actually directly have to do with EQs, however, but carries a tangential relationship with them.
My comment: Dutchsince was ONTO the earthquake machine and somehow knew where and when it was going to be used. If he did not have that info ahead of time, he was a master of digging up government documents that forewarned of when the machine was going to be used, and where to prove an earthquake was not natural. It appeared they started using the machine in Iran during the latest tensions and Dutch was onto that, then POOF. Gone. Interesting how all those volcanoes are going off now, eh? That's part and parcel with the earthquake machine, it can do both. Lots of very weird volcanic lightning going on . . . . .

Alan C. Donelson, Ph.D.