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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Commission noted that it was specifically not tasked with rendering any opinion on the suitability of Yucca Mountain, proposing any specific site for a waste management facility, or offering any opinion on the role of nuclear power in the nation's energy supply mix.
The U.S. currently has more than 65,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel stored at about 75 operating and shutdown reactor sites around the country. More than 2,000 tons are being produced each year. The DOE also is storing an additional 2,500 tons of spent fuel and large volumes of high-level nuclear waste, mostly from past weapons programs, at a handful of government-owned sites. 

The link to the full report doesn't actually work

Funny how that works....a battle of time, and energy, and money, and the powers that be seem to have unlimited amounts of those.   Always a pat answer to swat back any request.

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