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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Conversations of Nuke

 LIE EXPOSED on Fluffpost
1 hour ago( 2:34 PM)
Actually Germany is busy replacing nuclear with coal and gas, murdering thousands annually from the air pollution. They get almost no energy from wind or solar.

That is a complete bald faced lie.
Germany gets 18 BILLLION kWH per year from renewable.

That is about 20% of their total demand, and this stuff is changing, accelerate rapidly in deployment with reduced costs.

I can do a residential size system that generates at 2.9 cent per kWH with no evacuation zone!

Germanys output would be equal to 3 plants at Daiichi, running continuous for a year (note that 4,5,6 were already shut down at time of quake)

This is a good start, the world is changing underneath your feet and you are stuck in your past paradigms.    Even smart people are fooled by what they have been comfortable in "learning" over a long period. 

Plus chicks dig clean energy, and they hate nuke.

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