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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Death Throes O' Bronto

There are so many problems at Nukes now, it is almost like a Brontosaurus caught in a tar pit, begging for a mercy kill.    Indeed, let's help them, encourage your regulators and politicians to Shut Them All Down.

This is the second plant in the US! to be scrammed after loss of off site power, even though they have "4 lines coming into the plant", hows all that redundancy working out for ya?!

Exelon Corp’s (NYSE: EXC) 1,136 MW Unit 2 at the Byron nuclear power plant in Illinois shut down Jan. 30 after a loss of off-site power.
According to the Chicago Tribune, Exelon declared an unusual event at the plant the morning of Jan. 30. A spokeswoman was quoted as saying Exelon was looking into the trip and there was a transformer issue and reports of smoke.
The 1,164 MW Unit 1 continues to operate at full power.
This is the second nuclear power plant in as many weeks to shut down because of a loss of off-site power. On Jan. 16, the 1,200 MW Wolf Creek nuclear power plant in Kansas was shut down after a circuit breaker in a switchyard failed, causing the loss of power to the plant. The plant is still shut down.

 I am a Subscriber to "Power Engineering", somewhat balanced not overtly pro-nuke.

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