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Sunday, January 15, 2012

God's Poem

Super technology, right near the top,
Supposedly some of the best that we’ve got.
Illusion balloons
and with one simple pin
Mama Earth shows us the shape we are in.
“You nukular boyz play with dangerous toys
Now many are hurt it’s too late for coy.
I’ve given you so much for you to enjoy
Now I’ve gotten much more than just annoyed
I’ve got a tectonic paddle that roars
and I’ll wash out your mouths
as well as your shores!
If all of my children
with nukes you would kill
I’m ready to show you
a new kind of thrill
called species survival
against MY HOUSE ODDS!
Don’t think for a minute
I care for your prayers
and I don’t back down
from slayers or dares!
So if you don’t want
the extinction slap
you’d better shut down
all this nuclear crap!

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