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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guide to Magnitude of Radiation Sources

After I while I move this into the White Lies of Nuclear tab.
Once a Pro-Nuker (PNP) starts spinning their lies, they will baffle you with some confusing nuke terms, then they will bust out some quantity prefixes like "tera" or "ferro" which not even engineers know, then they will move to the clincher, you know you get radiation just from sleeping next to someone, you know you get radiation from eating a banana, you know you get radiation from flying on an airplane. God save you if you are eating a banana in the mile high club!

But this chart is good because it put those little lie in perspective, getting dosed with 20mSv is LARGE. One thing on this chart I disagree with from general knowledge is the green lower left which shows "Normal yearly 'background' dose" at 4mSv of which only 15% is supposedly medical scans. See my Largest Lies of Nuclear for a pie chart that shows a more accurate truth. I put the chart here so you can cross compare (see bottom)

From this blogs "Conversion" page, 1 rem=.01Sv=10 mSv
So .31 Rem (from the pie chart) is about 3mSv, plus another 3mSv from "medical" like we really need that, and you got 6mSv, however only about 15% of the first 3mSv is "natural", or .45mSv. And then the Pro-Nuke-Pimps go on to lie saying that well, since you are naturally exposed to 6mSv, therefore adding an extra 5mSv is not that bad a thing. But the comparison should be between .45mSv which our species evolved with, and the EXTRA 5 mSV, i.e. add TEN TIMES more radiation. Stop that!

The sources for the upper chart (by others) are here, some are  broke.   They weren't really useful since it just takes to much time to dig and find the information that goes into this chart.  But here they are

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