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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letterman Top Ten Reasons Japan Hid the Nuke Risk

David Letterman should be all over that one.

Top Ten Reasons Japan Hid the Nuke Risk:
10) All the Godzilla and Mothra movies had folks on edge.
9) They didn't want to start a run on dust masks.
8) They almost had the Chinese convinced Nuclear power was cheap and harmless.
7) They hired that guy who works for Mr. Burns on The Simpsons as their PR Ace.
6)...feel free to stop me anytime...
­okay...The­y didn't want the public to know the lowest bidder did not get the job. 
5) The cleanup was outsourced to some guys with snow shovels, some lysol and a lot of cat litter. 
4)The technician­s had just hosted a community marshmallo­w roast. 
3) The guy who pronounced the site safe after the disaster had just been released from the asylum. 
2) It wasn't the top item on their agenda that meeting. And finally, 
Number one reason: They didn't want to scare off the Eco-touris­m Conference in Kyoto! Thank you. I told you to stop me anytime. 
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