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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mann says "we take safety seriously"

  1. Then you would have switched to thorium decades ago
  2. And you wouldn't be storing all that plutonium laced spent fuel in fuel pool ABOVE the effen reactors, they were never intended or designed for that.
  3. And you wouldn't build in stupid places
  4. And you wouldn't capture the regulatory agencies
  5. And you wouldn't lie and coverup
  6. And you would get rid of the old plants

Yeah, just keep smiling and keep your head in the sand and that evil radiation won't hurt you.

Hands down, you may take "safety seriously" in your little weekly safety meetings documented to the hilt for sure, and your expensive equipment bought off the backs of the working people forced to buy your wares, but the overall broad picture reality speaks for itself.

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