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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nuke requires miracle to not blow up

HERE is a pro-nuker commenting on fluff-post.   He basically says "We count on continuous miracles to keep our nukes running and not blowing up."  Well Said Mr. PNP.

Commented 2 hours ago in New York

“Boiling water is not too hard, but generating the heat to raise high-press­ure steam inside a sealed vessel for many months on end is damned close to a miracle.

Steam generation of electricit­y is one of the great advances of humanity that has allowed billions to improve their life beyond anything dreamed of prior. Supplying that reliably and continuous­ly without air pollution is a boon to humanity.”


"high-pres­s­ure steam inside a sealed vessel for many months on end is damned close to a miracle. "

Exactly, pro nukers are relying on a "miracle" to keep their toys running at 75 times atmospheri­c pressure, using the dangerous stuff on earth. And not just running for a few months, running for 60 years, with metals that have been bombarded by the strongest radiation, damaging those metals.

You have said it perfectly, you count on a miracle. And if your miracle fails for even a few hours, then WE get dosed with the contaminat­ion from your little toys that stroke you ego playing in godlike manner to turn matter directly into energy. There have been 99 SIGNIFICAN­T accidents, what say you to that, here are those accidents.



  1. RichardperrycolumbiaJanuary 27, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    This is way worse then I thought. This is almost one problem a month or about 10% of the plants failing each year if my math is right.

  2. Indeed, most of these plants are getting to be 40 years old, their original design life.   Now they want to "inspect" more life into "beat testing" designs.   

    The economics are compelling for them, buy and old plant for $00M and run it, or build for who knows what, could be $3B, could be $6B by the time new regulations/requirements hit you in midstream, therefore it is impossible to formulate a business plan, and therefore the only option is to "buy" the ability to run the old crap, devil may care.

    The Devil does care, he loves this nuke opportunity/way to compromise morals, health, and get people into positions where he can be the "savior" of their problems.  

  3. RichardperrycolumbiaJanuary 28, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    It has taken 60 years to bring the radiation levels to the half way mark of being unsafe and by the speed we are increasing the levels it will take only 100 years till it will be unsafe to live out doors. We have to stop this mess before the cost to correct it will be far to much.

  4. Agreed, not sure we even got 100 years, I think if we get 3 or 4 more Fukushima's the earth won't be worth living on, even if you could survive.


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