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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orwelian Clarity

Thanks. For those who think it’s just silliness:

RE-BUNK – restating a position that is not well-supported factually, or restating it with details changed. Serves to promote confusion, intended to support a weak or unsupportable position.

POST-BUNKING – pro-active and after-the-fact. Restates a position, or promotes false/misleading info
or adds false/misleading info in response to new or discovered conditions. May serve to reposition or even change a previously stated position or intention.

PRE-BUNKING – falsely positioning future intended acts or consequences, falsely framing terms of future discussion, serves to obfuscate and/or limit discovery through complete dialogue.
In a word – propaganda.

Truth is not the friend of nuke.    Be aware of false argumentative techniques.

This from or-well at ENENEWS who is also cranking out some good poetry.

The pro-nuclear skunks
in a post-Fuku funk
got so excited
they were grabbing their junk
from statistical trunks
trying to debunk
whatever numbers
that said it all stunk.
“Let’s rebunk the debunk
and crank up the spin,
muddy the waters
and have a Science Crap-In.
We’ve legions in Media
of post-bunking lunks -
we’ll give all the sheeple
a Pre-bunking dunk
so the next time it happens
they won’t realise we’ve shrunk
their populations.

 There’s then and there’s now
No need to get shirty
and call on heuristics
We get stuffed by the weather
whatever statistics.
Some will chaff chide and rebuff
when common sense says
one is more than enough.
I mean hot particles
and NPPs -
The program that powers
nuclear disease,
The pogromme, the putsch
the coup against life -
transuranic insanity
blithely defended
by crooks anti-humanity
and by power depraved -
to bring those ones down
will take many being brave.

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