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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


OK I figured it out.   How to deal with TEPCO.   First Nationalize them, stripping back pension rights to anyone 2 tiers up from working technician level and up.   Strip those back 10 years, so they have to keep working at least 10 more years, even if otherwise ready to retire. 

Spin off TEPCO into PEPCO Peoples Electric Power Company.  And have it be owned literally by the People of Japan, not the government, really owned by the people with the Gov acting as managing agent under the direction of a board of director comprised of the people.   No TEPCO personnel even if already retired would be allowed on the board of directors.   To get the expertise, they would be allowed to hire for 3 of 9 Board of Director positions from anywhere, including out of country if needed or desired.

ALL of the profits of PEPCO would go towards compensating the victims of the nuclear disaster--  for 90 years, the point at which the Strontium will be 12.5% as strong as now.   Fukushima would receive the most, but the adjacent prefectures would receive appropriate amounts also as determined by the board of directors.  

A trust fund would be set up with segregated money to fund the health care expenses of those affected.   The trust fund would survive the PEPCO in case PEPCO failed.  

The focus of the money would not be on moving people back, but on helping people find a productive and safe life.   This include costs for relocation and retraining, especially in renewable energy industries.  


  1. I read somewhere, that ONE pound of plutonium if well distributed, could kill off all human life on earth. What do you know of this and of the toxic levels of cesium and strontium, etc..? Sorry to sound so vague, but that is the best I can do right now.

  2. I read that too, I don't believe the 1 pound thing, although it should be feared like the devil.

    Cesium and Strontium are serious stuff, Cesium has a biological half life of 70 days, and has a half life of 30 years, it goes mostly to your muscle including your heart.

    Strontium goes to your bones and teeth and sticks around pretty much forever in your body, decaying only with its radioactive life of also around 30 years.   It gets up close and personal to your bones and blood production and gives you leukemia.  

    Plutonium is the devil, uranium is the devils apprentice, Strontium is the grim reaper with a small but potent sickle and he doesn't give up even after a long time, and cesium is a local gang of thugs with license to pound on you.  The thugs can be removed with Prussian Blue.

    If you have any exposure you need to learn a bunch, and you won't get it from your average health provider.


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