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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prussian Blue

I used the letter to below to get Prussian Blue

It Worked.
Doctor Okimoto,

You saw me a few weeks back.

I would like to obtain some Radiogardase to have on hand should the Fukushima incident take a turn for the even worse.   This is also known as Prussian Blue, and it eliminates Cesium and Thalium from the body, with little or no side effects. 

The CDC stocks it. 

Appreciate you looking at this and providing a prescription, as a prescription is required.

Per the Manufacturer, attached Pharmacy will overnight to me.   You can call in the prescription or fax in, I spoke with Richard who is a pharmacist at the pharmacy.

They will then call me to arrange delivery

Thank you very much for your anticipated help on this matter.  If the UHA prescription coverage can help in any way, that would be great also.   I think this is $130 for 36 pills, and Richard said they must be sold in units of 36.

Dosing information available at website below: Easy to find just Google-- Radiogardase.

It appears that minimum dose for adult is 6 pills per day ( 3 grams), so it seems like 72 pills would cover me for 12 days, and fit my “budget” also.

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