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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Solar Electric / Photovoltaic -- Cost per kWH

There are lots of PNP's (pro nuke pimps) out there talking complete garbage such as Solar PV costs 70 cents per kWH.

The Real Cost to Implement PV Solar Electric has dropped to 2.94 Cents per KWH !!!

The world has changed underneath their feet, they don't want to have to learn a new livelihood even they are killing us slowly and sometimes more quickly. More quickly if you unfortunate enough to have inhaled some of the plutonium hot particles that were launched in the jet stream when reactor 3 blew sky-high. Information on that is here:


  1. Renewable energy is the key to our future buy allowing us to burn less coal and gas and exporting it instead of burning it thereby earning tax income so they can charge less overall taxes which is the purpose it serves best.

  2.  Indeed, renewable energy is a way to increase our standard of living.


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