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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Solar Storm -- Coming Soon, Carrington

Right now on Space Weather Dot Com,  A Class 3 Flare from a Sunspot, Erupting into a Magnetic Storm  that will hit Earth.

One day, one of these will be a "direct hit" on earth and will cause massive electrical interruption, similar to the Carrington Event of the in which damage was done even though there were hardly and wires or pipelines at the time.

That will knock out power and transformers, it could be extensive.   Power outages could be widespread and longlasting, because sure the industry has 100 large transformers that can be rapidly finished in production (as long as the manufacturing plant has electrical backup --hmmm---I wonder how many do), but not 10,000.    Outages could last years.

Of course, we can rest assured that the NRC (USA Nuclear Regulatory Commission) is 'investigating' increasing the battery backup for Nuke plants to go from 4 hours to 8 hours.   And y'all know what happens when nuke plants lose power, and their reactors and emergency systems (that in reality are never tested in a FULL DRESS REHEARSAL) create a meltdown.  

And y'all know what happens to those HUNDREDs of re-engineered, re-packed, spent fuel pools with the plutonium laden rods which REQUIRE cooling and pumping of treated cooling water continously.   Well they go in in a nuclear reaction, creating a fire, and possibly explosions of the most dangerous stuff on earth.    But REST ASSURED, the NRC got you covered with their new "8 hour rule", even though this Carrington outage might last years....with 400 spent fuel pool on fire and exploding plutonium throughout the US and the world.  

We can't fix all this in a year or two.    But we have to start now.   We are living on borrowed time.   An outside observer, a space alien perhaps, would laugh in a macabre way about the way we are killing ourselves to live "the good life" with plentiful power, putting our entire planet, our genetic heritage, our DNA, our very existence, at risk.   

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