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Friday, January 20, 2012

The World Population is 5% of the way to being "Contaminated Meat"

And that is with this one recent discovery of one pond of water.

From ENENEWS, thanks to Admin for doing the basic calcs.

Title: Radioactive water found in work pits at Fukushima plant
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Date: January 20, 2012
[...] About 500 tons of water was found in the pit of the No. 2 reactor, while about 600 tons was discovered at the No. 3 reactor pit.
Radioactive concentrations for cesium were 16,200 becquerels per cubic centimeter near the No. 2 reactor and 860 becquerels near the No. 3 reactor.
Read the report here
Water with cesium at 16,200 Bq/cm³ * 1,000 cm³/liter = 16,200,000 Bq/liter * 1,000 liters/metric ton = 16,200,000,000 Bq/metric ton * 500 tons = 8,100,000,000,000 Bq (8.1 trillion Bq or 8.1 terabecquerels) of cesium in 500 ton pit
By me

So in that one pond, if that radiation were distributed euqally among the 6B world population each person could have 1350 Bq of Cesium, or 27 Bq per kilogram of body weight.

As we know, limits of 500 Bq per kG are quite high, and above that limit most countries wouldn't allow meat to be sold. 

So this one pond that they just found, is enough to give the entire human race a 5% kick (500 Bq/kg / 27 Bq/Kg) towards being "radioactive meat"

Nice, just this one pond that they just found.   Real nice.

How is that clean, safe, nuke power working out for all of you?

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