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Monday, February 20, 2012

100 holes in the so called safety vessel, the reactor must have lots of holes to work.

In response to pro-nuke Mike at Huffpost----
Ill put this at Da Pimp for safe storage.

Mike, you know those "reactor vessels" seem so "secure" heavy steel, protecting the dangerous nuclear process.    Makes the public feel OK that it is locked inside a heavy steel jar....but the weird part is that they have to put like 100 holes into the reactor vessel, its like why even bother to make it thick if you are going to put all those holes in it anyway....

And the way to "control"
 the reaction is through lots of holes right in the bottom.   Sure this isn't preferred, just that nuke fuels have limited handling capability, so they load in from the top, and the control rods which are as long as the fuel rods, are pushed in from the bottom.

Surely not a great design, but we are limited by reality, I just don't like all those holes.   That is where the corium escapes most easy in most meltdowns.  

 I just don't like that corium stuff, i hear its like those spent rods...if you are close enough to look at it, you die.

I just don't like all those holes, I don't feel like that stuff is really in a secure jar, way too many holes.  

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