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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Captain sayeth:

 Right On! Faved, already fanned!

Solar (of all flavors) provides lots of ways to store Energy!
1. Pump water up hill think Hydro Power
2. Produce Hydrogen from water and then burn the Hydrogen to generate electricit­y
3. Molten Salt
4. New Wind:
5. Area required for solar:
6. http://is.­gd/CfpiUJ

Good thoughts, indeed, the storage issue must be solved bit by bit as the grid goes from 10% solar to 80% solar.   

If only those smart nukers could get past abusing those poor little atoms, and turning matter into energy.....roh ruh, I think they got the god complex going on, and they ain't going to give it up.

Poor little delusion of grandeur nukers, we really can't save them from themselves, but we ought to save ourselves from themselves.

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