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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CaptD with an action plan, from Huffington Post

Nuclear Ninja: Nuclear News Is Never Just Accepted
19 hours ago ( 1:19 PM)
The truth is that TEPCO is playing a delay or wait and see game that the Japanese People cannot afford! In the very least a steam event or a massive hydrovolca­­nic explosion will make the entire complex a N☢ GO Zone, then what happens to all the spent fuel rods that are left in ALL 6 reactors?

If I was in charge, I would start N☢W and:

1. Move every remaining fuel rod (spent or otherwise) in the complex to off site locations far away from Fukushima ASAP. This will reduce the potential problems of radioactiv­­e pollution!

2. Start drilling core holes uphill from the holed reactors in an effort to reach the groundwate­­r and then pump it out before it reaches the corium(s), in effect creating a "dry" buffer around the corium(s).

3. Immediatel­­y fill-in th breakwater and start constructi­­on on a "coffer dam" that would then allow them to pump seawater away from the holed reactors that would prevent seawater from contacting the corium(s) in effect creating another "dry" buffer around the corium(s).

4. Open the site to Internatio­­nal experts to make better additional assessment­­s!

---> Waiting will only save TEPCO money, but not save Japan (or the World) from the risk of Global radioactiv­­e pollution!


  1. Good start, but time to thin out the cores and start controlling the situation. There are no Japanese master chemist? There is nobody they can talk to about leaching heavy metals?
    They have no access to OLD U.S. patents, maybe I should send them links.{ A lot aren't even classified anymore.} (A few are, wanna' break through?)
    What happened to the genius that started this from a curiousity? Somethings-at least seemed- necessary.  I don't Know....maybe need to go for a pier review

  2.  ha! the famous pier review, beer on a pier.

  3. you're here? Ok, iodine/iodide should leach it as fast as my gold......i.e. dissolving a ring will take a while, fragments......just disappear

  4.  Separation, neutron absorption, cooling,   Very basic.
    Sheesh they cant even get a decent picture inside of there, what a joke.

  5. Well, with dissolving it out, just need the water to get down to it and back up. Kinda' think they got very lucky and it's not sealed totally off, water ends up in the basements......but a lot of the normal watertable is flowing in.
    Could be very wrong about that.

  6.  Well semi "cold" corium is like one messed up chunk o' heavy metal right?    How do you disssolve?   Some chelation stuff, BTW I want some of that chelation stuff.

  7. I'm almost done for a while, catch you on your email that you list a enenews. Rmember Atoms and socks are not actual
    people. And very Attention-seeking, the worse thing you can do is talk around them without talking to them.......But I did just a little tonight......making fun of some lies. Keep after them, will be back in a few

  8. Mike, thanks for encouraging me to review the facts from your trusted links.    It was awesome to find out that with today's data they should Fukushima Dai-Ichi 5 and 6 as operating, and ALL the reactor at Dai-Ni are also operating!  

    How that for some refreshing facts!!!

    Good job Mikey, here is the proof!

    Y'all have to check this out this is hilarious!   Now there is some information you can hang your hat on!!!!


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