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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cash for Clunker Nuke Plants

1 hour ago ( 9:58 PM)

Obviously, Detroit (Big Car) has conspired with the TV networks to flood their programming with car commercials. We see a blond babe in a convertible Corvette cruising the highway with her hair blowing in the wind. Of course we are tricked into thinking automobiles are safe and sexy....all in the name of Big Car profits.

Don't expect to get honest information about car safety from the NTSB or any other government agency since they are controlled by Big Car. Only organizations like enews are trustworthy.

When will we say enough is enough?
America - First in Freedom...First in Fission
1 hour ago (10:06 PM)
It was Big Car that brought us "Cash for Clunkers."
Callme Ish
35 minutes ago (10:39 PM)

Palisades, Indian, Kewaunee, and how many plants cost $14B yet old plants are sellilng for $180M

Talk about clunkers, that's like a $30,000 car selling for $ know you bought a clunker.

Shut down all the CLUNKERS now. They all have a history of violations, fines, mistakes.

clunker for sale

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