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Sunday, February 26, 2012


I haven't coined many quote worthy phrases in my day, but I did coin this one, 10 or so years ago.

Never explain by conspiracy what can be more easily explained by ignorance and denial

Japan is a country in denial. While the government may be in league with TEPCO I am sure some of the nation’s leaders are just not willing to realize the magnitude of this situation. This whole scenario reminded me of an article I saved from Time magazine titled “Why we don’t prepare for disaster” It is worth the read. The Link is at the bottom of my entry. Here are some highlights: ["There are four stages of denial," says Eric Holdeman, director of emergency management for Seattle's King County, which faces a significant earthquake threat. "One is, it won't happen. Two is, if it does happen, it won't happen to me. Three: if it does happen to me, it won't be that bad. And four: if it happens to me and it's bad, there's nothing I can do to stop it anyway."]
[Because the real challenge in the U.S. today is not predicting catastrophes. That we can do. The challenge that apparently lies beyond our grasp is to prepare for them. Dennis Mileti ran the Natural Hazards Center for 10 years, and is the country's leading expert on how to warn people so that they will pay attention… "We know exactly--exactly--where the major disasters will occur," he told me later. "But individuals underperceive risk."],9171,1229102-1,00.html

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