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Saturday, February 25, 2012

G2 Solar Storm on it's way

Mild G2 Solar Storm on the Way, Sunday

These happen pretty often.

A G5 could wipe out entire grids.    And you know what happens when nuke plants lose their power?    They blow up, over 1% of all nuclear reactor have blown up.

And we leave ourselves open to a G5 Carrington Event that could wipe out continents.   Only ignorance and greed can explain why we continue to live 100% at risk, so that we can get "cheap power" is the lie that was told to us in school.

In fact, Nuke is the most expensive power, we look at paying a long term cost of 60 to 92 cents per kWH, and lose our DNA, our genetic heritage, lose our lives or lose our humanity.   Absurd to pay this price.

Solar is 3 cent per kWH, what part of no-brainer do you need clarification on.  

Deadly and Expensive nuke

or Clean and Cheap Solar.

Solar backup proof here

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