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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Weather Plotting Resource

Sure, man's activities are affecting the planet.   How much?

How much effect is from other natural processes we may barely understand, like sun spots, cosmic rays, cloud nucleation.

Cap and Trade is just another form of thievery to concentrate power and wealth.    The whole CO2 argument is questionable at best.    Do your own research.

Nukers promote the CO2 thing as a way to justify more nuke.  

And use this really cool website to chart weather data.

Did you know cities are heat sinks.   Did you know that cities are getting bigger.    Did you know that most temperature data that people use to support "global warming" are based on thermometers in cities.  Did you know that pro-nukers lie all the time?

Did you know that you should click some ads and drop some comments?

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