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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hey Mikey, He promotes Nukes, He Likes it

Hey Mikey, You are lying, your little trusted industry and governmental sites lie through through teeth.    They say Fukushima Dai-Ichi 5 and 6 are operating, and same at Daini!    I thought Daini had some cracked reactors, came real close to melting down.

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Michael Mann
Nuclear Educator
15 hours ago (10:00 AM)
Great nuclear informatio­n at these sites:
nuclear news clearing house at:
Get the facts not the hype.... Knowledge is the only way to fight fear.uncer­tainty and doubt!


  1. I speak the truth, nuclear power has the capability to make a cleaner, safer future for our children. These sites have verifiable information about nuclear energy and radiation, not hype and hyperbole. Knowledge is the key!
    Thank you! 

  2. Bahahahababhaaaa. You're joking right?

  3. Rather than ridicule Michael Mann, who seems sincere, better to take his statements as a chance to create a FAQ about nuclear power (and the nuclear weapons industry with which it is inextricably linked). You can't change the mind of true believers, but I think answering them with "Bahahahababhaaaa. You're joking right?" or, I'm sorry to say, the stuff about Mikey above, only makes anti-nuke folks look like we haven't a real argument to present.
    I've collected tons of such material but it's yet to be organized. This entry aside I really appreciate your blog and would be happy to share the ca. 600MB of info I've collected so that someone, if not the writer of this blog, can use it FWIW to assemble an irrefutable response to people who still labor under the delusion that using radioactive metals to boil water is anything but madness.

  4.  That would be awesome, can you so an upload to Box or some way like that, I would love to look at it.  

    Sheesh....I was a true believer, but without due diligence, and before I realized the insane ways they were siting and running plants.

  5. Here's another way to get the facts. See "Books About Nuclear Energy" explaining the technology and policy issues in plain English.

  6. I retract the generous suggestion to respond to MM; he's either a troll or a true believer. Either way, in my experience at least such people are best ignored.

  7.  I think after 20 or 30 years your mind forces you to believe that what you are doing is "good", sheesh I am sure prison guards believe they are doing a good thing.  

    You are probably right to just ignore


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