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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kewaunee bought at bargain basment price $182M in 2005

Trouble is, they are losing tens of millions a year.

Madison Wisconsin is not longer going to buy power from them.   Madison is buying power from PV owners and running their own natural gas turbines.

Do you think they will run this plant to the epitome of safety, or do you think they will cut corners?

They want to sell this thing, to some slum lord.

Great, slumlords running nuke plants.

Yah der Eh, why not pound a few brewski's while running dat plant

 Trouble been there a long time 

Up for sale....hmmm, Wisconsin pays like 12 cents for electricity, I guess nukes can't run for 12 cents even when the infrastructure was bought at bargain basement prices. 

I see---a power uprate--nice, why not throw a blower on that biiiaacch too....

List of reactors and problems from the 1990's


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