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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NEI protect us, no matter the cause, yeah right.

Michael Mann
Nuclear Educator
7 hours ago ( 9:17 PM)
Operators of the 104 nuclear reactors in the United States have agreed to purchase additional equipment to respond to emergencie
­s that interrupt off-site power, the Nuclear Energy Institute said on Tuesday.

The equipment will help ensure that every U.S. commercial nuclear energy facility can respond safely to extreme events, no matter what the cause, NEI said in a statemen

Ensure it eh?   Ensure the safety, eh? 

Any how about a large solar magnetic storm?   The sun giveth and the sun taketh away.....
In 1865 a large solar storm, a Carrington event.    Lucky that there were very few pipelines and wires, because it fried the few that were around.   

A sesquicentennial later... the world is different.   the human race can survive ANOTHER Carrington, but not if nukes are still running, not if spent fuel is still in water pools with REQUIRED circulation, because the nukers not just stuffed them full, but the NUKERS decided to "re-engineer" the storage to be even tighter, even more dangerous, having even LESS leeway on power loss before these spent fuel pool erupt in a fury of radioactive FIRE!.    

We are living on borrowed time.  We need to stop all nuke and dry casks all old fuel.   It will cost less than 1 years bonuses to Wallstreet.  Seriously.   

We got a Russian Roulette gun spinning.    Which year will it be....


  1. "no matter what the cause,"
    That alone is a red flag to any thinking person. Unfortunately the USA is full of people who are deeply propagandized, drugged-out (like on TV), poorly-educated (i.e. no critical thinking capacities), and apathetic. 

    And until they nukers stop kicking the waste disposal can down the road they don't have a radioactive leg to stand on.

  2.  Exactly those global reassurances, are not so reassuring....


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