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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Radiation Detector Usage Tips - How to Use a Geiger

I'll be adding to this "Tips on Geiger Counter, Radiation Detector Usage"

From time to time.  Eventually I will make it, it's own page (those tab thingys near the top, the filing cabinet, ya know)

But I already have 20 pages, and that is the limit for Blogger.    So I may have to start another Blog and link to it.   

Good to see you have purchased a Geiger counter. Please post your background radiation readings in the enenews Radiation Monitoring Data forum once you have mastered it. The more information provided by everyone the better.

A couple tips.

If you do ground or external measurements on snow or wet surfaces make sure your Geiger counter in a sealed zip lock plastic bag. this is to protect it from contamination, and the elements. After out door use wash your hands and put on a pair of surgical gloves to remove it from the bag. Otherwise you could contaminated the Geiger counter.

Some of you use your Geiger counter to test food. Don't place it directly against fruit and vegetables etc., the surface contact could also contaminate your Geiger counter and prevent it from providing accurate measurements in the future. Put food for testing in a plastic bag first.

Geiger Counters are not sensitive enough to be of much use testing food or liquids unless the food or liquid is badly contaminated it won't show anything above your background level.

You really need a scintillator or spectrometer to do food and liquid testing properly, and the skills to work this equipment properly. Then again Geiger counter testing of food, or liquids before consumption is better than nothing.

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