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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rude Trolls

Here is my response, the original poster, a Doctor from Oregon, was making a point, and this troll came up with an insulting pot shot...

 Doctors comment---

19 hours ago (12:27 AM)
CARLTON — Kewaunee Power Station is one of 11 nuclear plants nationwide being asked to provide informatio
­n on its analysis of how hot nuclear fuel rods could get if they lose coolant.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said in a news release Friday that reactor designer Westinghou­se Electric Co. might not have properly accounted for the effect of a loss of coolant on older nuclear fuel rods.
NRC regulation­s say temperatur­es must be 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit or less to keep from damaging fuel rod insulation that keeps radiation from escaping.
The 11 nuclear plants from which informatio­n was requested have computer models that estimate peak temperatur­es of 2,000 degree or more. A recent Westinghou­se analysis of a pressurize­d-water reactor, such as Kewaunee and the others have, indicated temperatur­es could vary from what was previously estimated by more than 100 degrees. That's too close to the limit, the NRC said

See Fukushima, if it ever happened, it can happen again.....­.next time worse.....­thats how things work.
 Troll----Westinghou­se is PWR. Fukushima is BWR. Do you even understand the difference­? Geez you need to get some proper schooling.

Your comment is abusive and insulting and here is pretend that the boom potential of fuel melting is somehow eliminated by the difference between Pressurized Water Reactor and Boiling Water Reactor.   The BWR is more old school and the water and steam that run the turbines go directly through the reactor.   on the PWR you have a separation between "hell" and the turbines through a set of heat exchangers.   

But the boom potential is not lessened, you just don't have a highly radioactive turbine (mostly just tritium).    Now the bad part is that these heat exhangers now become a massive failure point.

Back in the BWR day, you knew that any part of the system could spew radiation.   In the PWR dream, you didn't have to worry about the turbine side, unless of course substandard steel alloys were being bought from China and put into the system, and failing, allowing the hellishly radioactive water to jump from the hell side to the supposedly safe side.   ---even easier to release to environment

And that is what is happening these days as nukies are harder pressed to compete with cheap energy sources like solar and wind, and natural gas.   They are taking shortcuts on materials and safety, and it is blowing up in their faces.    BOOM

I do expect this dying Bronto, the nuke cabal, to rear its ugly head a few times before sinking into the primordial ooze, but the future is clear.  

"Geez you need to get some proper schooling", now that really is abusive.   Its a pot shot.   It is unnecessary for the decorum of this communication channel that Huff Post is kind enough to offer as a venue for education and discussion.


  1. I wish I was The Doctor-as in Who.
    What ja' need?
    I'm just dropping links to stuff I read and find interesting. Not totally anti-nuclear in fact.
    But into doing anything the smartest (read laziest way),
    but I hate people hurting. Weelllll, getting to the point where Atoms,Markiepoo,(add other)
    can NOT be in the same room with, I will hide a body.

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