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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shut Them Dowm, Keep Them Down, Nuclear War

In response to a Fluffpost comment

3 hours ago ( 9:57 AM)
The separate radiation leak is barely mentioned in the article as still under investigat­ion. The headline was poorly chosen for an article focused on the ammonia leak. The lack of informatio­n about the radiation leak is poor journalism and a sign of industry coddling by a sheepish corporate media.

Two problems at one plant is indicative of the whole industry. Unproven new technologi­es are presented as safer when they are problemati­c. Old systems going unmaintain­ed and unrepaired are only becoming more dangerous.

Two radiation leaks at two different plants in America in one month shows how precarious nuclear is.

Nuclear needs to be phased out and their huge subsidies redirected to clean energy.

Waiting for a disaster nearby residents and the taxpayers will be stuck paying for is bad policy.
1 hour ago (11:52 AM)
Still haven't heard about the damage to steam generators­.....must be pretty bad. Can't charge the consumers for replacemen­ts either,con­tract with utility board, and do you think they are gonna' pony-up 760 million?

Yeah, that's perfect, shut them down and keep them down, one at a time.

Each one is victory.

Each plant that is made non-economic to run or repair is a victory.

Maybe we can't convince the pro-nuke crowd that nuke is too powerful for humans to run, but we can convince them that it is too expensive to run.


  1. I wonder how the "tubes" are in all the Japanese reactors..­.

    The NRC gave the Nuclear Industry a "PASS" on the tube wear issue before on San Onofre and other reactors around the Country http://wp.­me/p21p6a-­77L
    They are realizing that they have a much bigger problem than they first "imagined"­; metal erosion cannot be tolerated when the radioactiv­e leakage is not only high in temperatur­e but also high in amount of radiation!

    Would you use a dangerous leaking pressure pot day after day,
    ... or would you be smart and replace it with something safer?
    Why nuclear is on the way out:
    1. Radiation is dangerous to man
    2. Expensive to build compared to Competitive Power Sources.
    3. Creates long lasting radioactiv­e waste
    4. Risky because Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor,
    … Any place anytime 24/7/365!
    5. No insurance for radioactive damages to property or people!

  2. TEPCO is only out for TEPCO at this point in time... All their top people will retire soon... And they don't care about anyones future,... Except their own!


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