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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Solar a Real Life Study, 1 year Operation 20 Panels PV, Mr. Row

Real System, Full Year of Energy Production Data, Day by Day

Solar is incredibly cheap, less than 10% of the cost of buying power from the utility here in Hawaii

This Actual 20 panel System produces at 3.3 cents per kWH.    Larger systems like 30 panels can be under 2.9 cents.

You can download the Excel here----

Here it is Embedded into this post.

And here is a screen capture of the spreadsheet

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    "The National Academy of Sciences and several other federal government studies suggest that this extreme solar activity and emissions may result in complete blackouts for years in some areas of the nation. Moreover, there may also be disruption of power supply for years, or even decades, as geomagnetic currents attracted by the storm could debilitate the transformers.”
    So how do we keep all 400-1000 nuclear power plants and their associated spent fuel pools globally from melting down and blowing up, after the power has been out for days, weeks and/or months?The next climax of solar storms is going to happen in late 2012, according to this reporter.
    Some really neat video and close ups of the sun doing what it does…
    NASA has revised their prediction for solar maximum to now occur around mid-May of 2013. sources:
    Solar SuperStorm 1859 — It could happen again
    We better get ready, the perfect storm is coming soon.. We either have all nuclear plants turned off and all nuclear material cooled down to the point where there is no power needed to keep them cool, or we are all toast.
    Can you imagine 400 plus nuclear power plants and their spent fuel pools all melting down, melting through and/or blowing up as reactor #3 did?
    Fukushima Reactor 3 released 500 pounds of plutonium into the air, and tons of uranium when it exploded. No, it was NOT a hydrogen explosion, as explained by Gunderson and other experts.… 
    Imagine 1000 times that much going into the air, globally, and then NEVER STOPPING, due to radiation releases from uncontrolled melting blobs of corium fissioning into the air forever. 


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