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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spent Fuel Rods are REALLY Deadly

I participate at Physics Forums and they do top notch analysis of nuclear stuff, although unfortunately, like any person or entity that stands to make a living from nuke, they are blind to the factors that would say Shut Them All Down.

But here is the point----One of the physics pros did a calculation and that if you had a pallet of spent fuel rod in one end zone of a football field, and a human started running at full speed from the other end zone, the human would drop dead around the 15 yard line.

And "we" store this stuff on top of the nuclear reactors, and then we put 6 of these all together, so that 1 blowing up makes it impossible to service the other ones, and thus they also blow up.

Insanity for energy junkies.

From comment on Huffpost - WeMustDoBetter09

This little illustration stays in my mind – offered by a guest on Dr. Caldicott's radio show – he said that IF a bicyclist rode fast about 6 ft. or less away from a bundle of those spent fuel rods, rode past them fast – he'd have gotten a LETHAL DOSE of radionuclides.

Other anecdote is the guy at Los Alamos in the early "Whee, this is fun!" years – he'd hold a mass close to another mass that would initiate a chain reaction. When it began, he'd pull back the mass he was holding – stopping Reaction. But it slipped out of his grasp, which he recovered immediately. It didn't save him - he was toast. He died horribly within a couple of weeks. As soon as it happened, he knew that was "all she wrote" for him personally. Others in the room got sick, depending on how close they were.

These anecdotes help non-tech People to understand just how toxic are these fuel pellets and rods that have been scattered over the Fukushima landscape.

If that were our only problem it would be bad enough. But keep thnking about all that incineration of radioactive materials that is on-going….and that PLUTONIUM.

Anyone STILL think the human race knows what the hell it's DOING?
I know this Nuke Industry sure doesn't.

Stick a Fork in Me. I'm done.

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  1. I now use use 50% less electricity than I used to.
    they don't need nuclear power for me, anymore.
    Decentralised power generation is the way to go.

    Solar cells only cost energy to make until you have enough of them to power a solar cell factory.
    Sorta like nuclear "breeding" plants but nicer.


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