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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unit 3 did the Reactor or the Spent Fuel Pool Blow up

A troll (atoms) was pointing out how my analysis of prompt criticality at reactor 3, could be wrong, and that instead it good have been a hydrogen shockwave that initiated a further explosion at the spent fuel pool.   

Indeed, that was one of my theories also.   Funny those trolls.
you said the unit 3 was a criticalit­y without proof. Here is another plausible explainati­on and quite frankly, the most likely -

a hydrogen shock tube - not a criticalit­y


Funny, the link above worked, and 60 minutes after I pimped this out around the net it went away, now its back here

Check the video it is really good.   However, one thing.   Reactor 3 is gone, I mean completely gone.   They are big and yellow, it is not there anymore.   Only some fragments of yellow in the rubble.   Check all the photo and film docs....reactor 3 (the steel containment itself, gone away)

Also that is possible, the whole spent fuel pool could have been shockwaved into a major blast, aerosolizing a good portion of the fuel pool.

Same results--human race poisoned, that could also explain the 2600% over baseline density of uranium in air that EPA reported.

UPDATE: I found the RADNET link direct, the proof of all that uranium in the air.

And page 9 of this report shows the Honolulu baseline and the EPA data being 2600% higher.

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