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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blood Testing Chelation What Can We Really Do

I am going to use this post to plop down bit and pieces of information. This is probably 10 to 20 hours to get to where I am going.

Simple stuff....since we were exposed to massive amounts (well 2600% over normal) baseline of Uranium and more than proportional Plutonium, well the answer is to remove those from our body.

The process is called Chelation, I have been familiar with this since undergrad, its nothing new. However, the problem with Chelation of heavy metals is that as far as I know the process is not selective, it will remove all heavy metals and you really need some of them in your body or you could be very messed up/dead.

Because of that complication, I have neglected the analysis of Chelation. But it is now obvious, that regardless of how hard it is, the effort is required, essential.

I am also going to be adding other commentary on things that normal people can do. For instance, Justme from ENE has been using a microscope for blood analysis. I have a lab microscope, the real deal....why in the hell can't if even do something as simple as look at my own blood, when we KNOW the medical industry fails us on multiple levels with their own regulatory and pharmaceutical capture.

Commentary by Justme, on ENE

March 21, 2012 at 5:13 am · Reply

I have a bad case of Rouleaux and after some research discovered leukemic cells, but have still not been able to have this verified by an expert. The Rouleaux is out of control. I was very worried last night because I had been propping my head up with my hand and the area or pressure point(palm print) was not a normal red that you would expect to see. Instead it was a deep purple area and I'm assuming this is because of the Rouleaux. I've been researching this condition and there are many causes including cancer and radiation.
After my wife begged me, I went to the local emergeny room today. I started talking to a nurse and asked her if they were seeing a lot of GI issues. She told me there has been a big increase in GI cases. This information exchange was very low-key.
About 15 minutes goes by and the doctor comes in. I told him my symptoms and he asked why I thought I had what I claimed. Told him I had exposure. After going back and forth with the typical x-ray airplane bullshit, I told him to bring me a fetal doppler and I would show him exactly what I was talking about. He started to stumble on his words and then told me they didn't have one in ER and they were on the second floor (labor and deliver). Refused to get me one so I could show him the cause of my symptoms. He also told me Rouleaux doesn't happen in white people. To make this story short….they took my blood and did the labs while I waited. An hour later were my results. Healthy blood with no signs of illness.
Flash forward 30 minutes.. prepped another blood film and this time it didn't look so much like Rouleaux, they have started to gather into larger clusters many times greater than the stacked rows and still plenty of leukemic cells. I can tell you with 100& certainty the results they told me were not what they viewed in my blood.

I am more than pissed… and I'm dieing….


Have you checked your blood? What are your symptoms? Any unusual feelings inside your body? Take Bismuth Subsalicylate (It's the pink stuff). They will help remove this junk from your intestines. Search Youtube "human fecal radiaiton test"


Hi everyone. Usually I just read what all you great people are writing….so glad I found this site.
stock@hawaii…Zeolite is a great mineral to use for chelation therapy. It traps heavy metals and is also great for removing radioactive isotopes. It was used after Chernobyl. Make sure you get a 'high grade' micronized zeolite. Most health food stores have it. The lower grades are used for filtering air and water. Make sure to drink lots of water while taking it – 8 glasses a day.
I have been taking it since last March and I bought a water filter that has a layer of zeolite in it right after Fukushima happened.


This Alpha we have over here must be some kind of mutation. You could have a house full and not even know it was there. I'll explain. First your detector must be able to detect Alpha radiation. Normally we would expect the emitter to emit a burst of particles in all directions. Like pins in a pin cushion or spikes on a sea urchin, but the stuff we have here appears to emit the particles in one single line as if the pin cushion had only one pin sticking out. These Alpha emitters (dust from Fukushima) are throwing large amounts of particles in a very directional line and these particles have to hit the anode, which is a small wire inside the tube. You have to hold your Geiger counter very still, almost like you would hold a magnifying glass while trying to burn something, but on a microscopic level. You'll need to rest your wrists on the surface you are checking. It's nearly impossible to keep a particle focused on the anode. Once you learn how to do this…you will be shocked.
Check the manual and see if your Geiger counter detects Alpha. Also, go to your local library to learn about Alpha radiation. Finding reliable information on this topic, is becoming increasingly difficult, online.

Stacked blood cells are easy to see. Learn how to prepare a blood film (it's easy). You do not need stain to view the stacked cells. My wife's blood also has problems,but so far no stacked cells. I have been using a degausser and it's helping. I wasn't quite ready to start using it, still had some more reading to do, but with the way I was feeling and the deep purple marks, felt I really didn't have a choice. It was an instant relief.
The clumping that I am now seeing is called "cellular aggregation". I just found this.


Rad exposure and protection manuals. Chelation around somewhere

PS--some natural food stuff, but no key word chelation found --stock

Chelation Protocol Report
one year post 311
Every four months I have the family take a hair analysis to monitor internal heavy metal contamination. As Enenews readers all know, that radioactive isotopes are mostly comprised of radioactive heavy metals in various states and concentrations. The bodies total heavy metal load can include radionuclides such as Strontium, Plutonium, Uranium and Cesium 134 and C 137 etc. High Heavy metal levels within the body can indicate possible accumulations of radioactive metals within the human body.
Daily oral and dietary chelation gradually reduces heavy metal levels and by inference reduces radioactive heavy metals as well.
Mrs. Noah had high levels of Uranium (from suspected cosmetic and dietary sources) in her body. Through oral chelation protocols that I have published here on this site, those U levels have been reduced, along with mercury, to very low levels indeed! Achieving satisfaction level of 95% reduction. U levels is one radioactive heavy metal that hair analysis tracks quite will. Her follow up hair analysis continue to reflect downward trends as chelation continues through time.
On very effective protocol that I developed myself (published first here at ENENEWS) is my Apple Pectin Protocol. Below is the protocol modified for travel.
Apple Pectin Protocol for adult use at Restaurant while traveling.
1. Prior to eating take 5-8 caps of powdered apple pectin with a generous cup of purified water.
2. Begin eating.
3. Mid-meal take another dose of 5-8 caps of powdered apple pectin.
4. Continue eating to end of meal, including dessert (no dairy)
5. Take another dose of 5-8 caps of powdered apple pectin.
6. Add 3-5 caps of modidifed citrus pectin to chelate heavy metals entering the blood stream with your restaurant post 3-11 meal.
Needless to add, travel with a large supply of apple and citrus pectin, along with your favorite chelators and anti oxidants.
Very nice, simple travel…

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