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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cash for Clunker Plants

Cash for Clunker Plants

These are plants that are old, breaking down.     Some of these plants sell for as little as $100M although new plants cost over $14B to build, 140 times higher than the price of a Clunker!

Let's put that in perspective, lets say you can buy a decent new car for $20,000 but a clunker would sell for 140 times less, or $142.   What kind of car do you think you would be getting for a whopping $142----a seriously bad clunker.

That is what these plants are.    It costs ALOT of money to shut them down, so even though it doesn't make sense to keep them operating, it makes even less sense to shut them least to a greedy Corporation.    And that is all that Corporation are -- greed machines.    

So what is the answer?   Well we have to be practical.    Greed will not do the right thing.   We have to throw some tax dollars at this.   We need a Gov sponsored Cash for Clunkers program were operators get a subsidy for doing the right thing, for shutting down the Clunker.

Plenty of Clunkers out there--

Both units were shut down Friday as officials conducted inspections. Manfre said it was too soon to know when the units would be working again or how much of the tubing needs to be replaced or repaired.
On Friday, a local newspaper reported a third incident involving a veteran worker at the plant who lost his balance while trying to retrieve a flashlight and tumbled into a reactor pool. The man reportedly did not suffer significant radiation exposure. Edison may review its procedures for working around the reactor pool, officials said.
Some critics saw the incidents as a sign of greater problems.
"To have this many failures is to have a real breakdown in quality assurance, maintenance and safety culture," said Dan Hirsch, president of the Committee to Bridge the Gap, which follows the nuclear industry.
In 2008, the plant received a string of citations over such issues as failed emergency generators, improperly wired batteries and falsified fire safety data, records show.

Shut Them Down, Starting with the Clunkers

Here are some more Clunkers

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