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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Insanity of Nuke

Forget for a moment, the insanity of:
1) a technology that creates hazardous wastes that last many times longer than the span of human history, for which no permanent solution has been invented. To boil water.
2)the location of said technology in one of the most seismically active zones and densely populated areas on the planet
3) the design decision to clump multiple reactors and fuel storage pools in close physical proximity to one another, so that a single catastrophic failure of one is a guarantee of a chain reaction failure domino effect.
Japan is dying a slow nuclear death now from Fukushima, and these psychopaths in the government want to charge full speed ahead with reactivation of 40 year old reactors that were only designed to run for 30 years.
As a species, how is it that we allow these madmen to "be our leaders"? More and more I'm convinced that humanity is a failed evolutionary experiment, and it's time is almost up.

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