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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nuke is High Cost of Departure

In response to a pro-nuker feigning support for solar at first, and then bringing out his real party line

 “Splendid....kudos for your conservation but how realistic is solar? Last I checked the technology was still well behind making it a cost effective, "viable" alternative for the average user. Granted the technology has been in place to do conversions for decades, but not for what the average user could consider a reasonable cost.


Its extremely realistic, there has been a sea change in the last 2 years.

Solar at 3 cents per kWH, fixed price for 30 years.   You could imagine paying $1.50 for a utility kWH in 30 years?  Sheesh, its 35 cents per kWH in Hawaii now.

Nukers are stuck in a rut, they have a very high cost of departure, so instead they keep running the clunker plants and they refuse to get new occupations

You heard of high cost to entry in a business model?    Nuke is HIGH COST OF DEPARTURE.

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