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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Plutonium admission by the EPA

A lot of the paid shrills for the nuke industry have been very vocal about stating how there was No Plutonium released from Fukushima.

Well, lets see, 3 reactors blew up, the one that blow up the most was a MOX reactor which is like 5% to 10% plutonium, and all reactors produce plutonium as a natural part of the process.   And of course all of the "fuel transfer pools" had used fuel which of course had plutonium.

I made a spreadsheet direct download from US EPA Radnet computers.   It shows in the weeks after the accident, plutonium detecting in the US at levels 2900% to 3500% over background.

So there is the proof.    We been inhaling Plutonium, that's not good.


  1. Per the email, "Japan reports 5 persons have received lethal radiation doses"? Really? Any other sources for this?


      You could also look up the authors phone number and call him to ask, it is easy to find.

  2. Great Work, You are now a HERO in the Japanese Irregulars* because you have taken posting high quality info about Fukushima to yet another level!
    Here are the Radionuclides from the Fukushima accident (for comparison)
    ... that were found in the air over Lithuania (after passing of the USA)

  3. No campfires for me this year. Plutonium is bad enough, Plutonium Oxide is far worse!

    What is considered to be a fatal dose for an adult, child or Senior Citizen?

    1. Claims vary on fatal dose, some say just a few micrograms is fatal for a human, but I don't think its that dangerous.

    2. For Beagles a dose of 350 micrograms is pretty much for sure going to kill you.

  4. and what's with this Leuren Moret person, allegedly a "geo-scientist" from Berkeley National Laboratories, going around saying that Arnie Gundersen "doesn't know what he's talking about" and that we "shouldn't listen to him??" Now, WHO is paying HER to make this drivel up???

    1. Our finest universities have to some extent sucumbed to the necessary sucking on the Government teats and thus have sacrificed their impartiality to become promoters of the nuke cartel. How sad, indeed the most evil thing on earth can suck in the best and brightest to an evil cause.

  5. Plutonium 239 is THE aim of nuclear power plants. It is chemically separated from the 'spent fuel' and made into atom bomb warheads. The late Dr. Radha Roy, professor of physics emeritus, invented a process to backwards engineer plutonium 239 to non-radioactive lead in 1979 after the Three Mile Island partial meltdown. In addition, 'The Roy Process' will produce electricity by using the decay heat to turn existing steam electric generators. See:

    Website: The Roy Process for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste

    There is a viable, cost effective alternative to the federal policy of burying nuclear waste. First, there must be a Congressional Bill passed to allow transmutation, or backwards engineering nuclear waste to a non-radioactive element. In addition to eliminating nuclear waste, the decay heat can turn the steam electric generators at each nuclear power plant to produce electricity.

    No Time To Waste: E.I.S. - The Roy Process
    for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste - About 18 min.

    #51 Nuclear Hot Seat - Radio Show: The Roy Process

  6. We understand.

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    1. Great links! Thank you for dropping in.

    2. We're all in this together, like it or not.
      Check out Hatrick Penry.


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