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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Solar Power at Night


Hey If you have to have molten salts to provide 24/7 electricity, wouldn't you rather have them at a solar power plant rather than a Nuke power plant?  

Solar power at night

Pro Nuke Trolls keep harping on the "baseload" as if baseload is a catch phrase that will knock renewable out of competition, and make make Nuke the only thing that can save the world.   BULLSHIT.    With a little bit of steady power from solar plants like this, and with diversity by interconnected grid so that various areas producing solar  and wind energy share with those that are currently short on wind and PV energy.

Click here for a wind map of the whole US


  1. Yes, there are those molten salts again. Sorry; solar at night???
    Nukular pipe dreams are so so over. They operators are just going to walk away someday, leaving the waste risk to be privatized instantaneously...

    At least Germany is smart enough to ensure to enshrine in law an Operator's financial risk for accident & decommissioning cost is borne by the operator, not the public. Why aren't we as smart here in N/A? Did MENSA leave the continent yet in protest our collective monumental stupidity?

    1. I deleted that proprietary information you asked to go bye bye


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