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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Troll Roasting

Sometimes those industry hired pro-nuker types are just beyond annoying, well in fact lying in order to create death and disease is really beyond annoying.

Nuke is 24/7 lies, it really is that simple.

Smart boys with big egos, probably didn't get any chicks in high school cause you were too nerdy, and then to feel good about yourself, you play with the atom, godlike games of turning matter into energy.....

And over times, all the lies get repeated over and over again until you actually start believing them.    And then you got a career, and a family, and family takes precedence so the pursuit of nuke goes on even though once in a while you have nightmares of little Chernobyl monsters that maybe you created, and then you go back to providing for your family, telling the same lies as before.   

Grow up, be a man, face the truth, nuke fails us again and again, accident after accident.    And the most basic problem is not the science, the most basic problem is the humans and mother natures.   Humans go through cycles, political, financial, greed, war, terrorism, religious, and through all these cycles continually monitoring the most dangerous thing on earth - a nuke plant---cannot be done with 100% certainty.   

In fact 1% of all nuke plants blow up.   SO grow up be a proper citizen, renounce nuke, I will teach you solar. 

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