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Monday, April 9, 2012

Cash for Clunkers - Palisades in the Spot Light!

Classic clunker - See comment at bottom RE Palisades Michigan clunker, makes Detroit look modern. And they are bringing in an additional 1165 people just to duct tape and baling wire this clunker together.

They cost so much to decommission, they just find excuses to keep running

Cash for clunkers is needed. Seriously, under the Corporate Creed of so called maximization of share holder value, "they" have no choice but to try to keep running these clunkers. The clunkers only cost $100M to $200M to buy, and a new plant cost $14B (that the Vogtle estimate and cost over runs usually are 250% so use your imagination)

So from a greed only (maximize shareholder value) the only option that makes sense is to keep the clunkers running, their insurance only pays $375M per plant, even though meltdown cleanup cost can run $100B to $200B per government estimates.

So if we really want these plants shut down, we, the taxpayers will need to chip in to decommission them. Either way, you pay. Pay with your health and life when they blow up, and you know more than 1% of them blow up, or pay to help decommission.

Map of the clunkers --by age

Nuke - expensive to shut down

Yankee is a clunker

Clunkers everywhere
April 9, 2012 at 10:03 pm · Reply

Heads up in Michigan folks! Get your geigers out!

They are cracking open another another old beast to feed it.

There is sure to be elevated levels around the Palisades plant.

Troubled Michigan nuclear plant shut down for maintenance

Palisades Power Plant, a 39-year-old facility located near Kalamazoo, has been under increased scrutiny from inspectors after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission cited the plant for three safety violations. The plant is currently owned and operated by Entergy Corporation.

Officials are bringing in 1,165 additional workers to complete the scheduled maintenance, according to Mark Savage, a spokesman for the plant. Repairs include replacing 64 fuel assemblies, inspecting the reactor vessel head, replacing five control rod drive seals and inspecting steam generators, moister separators and heat exchangers. Entergy also said it plans to rebuild the main feed pump seals.

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