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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Geiger Readings in Oahu, Hawaii

Just got my rad alert inspector set up.

Oahu, Hawaii

.05 to .11 microSv per hour, that is roughly .4 to .9 millSv per year (for simplicity I use an 8 multiplier), which is really low, checked the low lying areas where water would collect, no discernible difference
Wiped windshield, the whole thing, and reading went from .06 up to .1

2 HEPA filters, very dirty, been running over 30 days 24/7, readings went up to around .2, which is still only 1.6mSv per year.

This is really good, at this moment Hawaii looks "safe"

Now the hard part....sending my inspector to Japan to a family that needs one.     Buying another......another long wait, but I guess it takes Japanese people 9 month wait list to get a geiger.

From Ray Masalas on Nuclear Hot Seat

Ray Masalas
I'm still learning myself. My readings are always in micro-sieverts, but simplify this very confusing subject (9 X background} says it all. No matter what system you use. My normal background is around 0.12 micro-sieverts so..... What they call natural raydon can be up tp triple background. I have no raydon. My stome basement is 130 years old and reads 0.12. But to save arguing with sceptics, {And uploadind to u-tube is a big pain in the ass} I only film and upload when our rain is above 4X background. At 0.40 the lower screen turns yellow. {radiation alert} At 1.20 micro-sieverts it's turns red {Get outta Dodge} Sometimes the rain is hot for 10 minutes, sometimes for hours. The plume has to intersect the weather. If you were in the US system and your normal background was 25 CPM {Counts per minute} your geiger would read 225. At 100 CPM and 0.40 microsieverts the watch dogs are suppose to warn us. This was more than double the warning level. Hope this helps.


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