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Sunday, April 1, 2012

German Report on Fukushima, Interview with ex PM Kan

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Excellent video, German reporters in Japan, investigating Fukushima.

For anyone doubting how the Nuke Cartel operates, this is the smoking gun.

The whole lies, report fabrications, regulatory capture, are laid bare in this sub-titled report. At minutes 11 and 16 ex Prime Minister Kan details in no uncertain terms how the Nuclear Village operates through lies, extortion, personnel insertions into government and then back into TEPCO.

This is coming right from the top. This has been reviewed by a Japanese national who is also fluent in English and they agree that the translation is absolutely correct.


  1. Stellar Post!

    We gave Kan the benefit of the doubt before but he got swept out of office by the Utility Gangs that own the Diet...
    + This on Kan
    Ex-PM Kan, other Democratic Party members to launch group to seek exit from nuclear power

    If Japan restarts their reactors they will get yet another Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster...

    The anti-nuclear activities led by Kan, whose efforts to end Japan's use of nuclear power date back to when he was still in office, come as the government moves closer to a decision on whether to allow the restart of some of the country's idled reactors, despite concerns among the public over their safety.

  2. I believe that if Americans really knew the true cost of Fukushima, WE, the people, would demand CHANGE and that is something that some of those in Government and the entire Nuclear Industry want to avoid at all cost!

    What will determine the total cost of their "Trillion Dollar" Eco-Disast­er?

    Please feel free to add your comments and or estimates to this list:
     Decommissi­oning costs
     Loss to all other radioactiv­e decontamin­ation caused by this Disaster.
     Loss of revenues by Tepco
     Loss to TEPCO's share holders caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of Japanese personal income caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to Japanese businesses caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of all Japanese health costs related to radioactiv­ity
     Loss due to unusable Japanese Land related to radioactiv­ity
     Loss due to Japanese housing caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of Japanese Property Values caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of fishing grounds caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss of manufactur­ing caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to the value of the Yen caused by radioactiv­ity
     Loss to other Utilities caused by Fukushima'­s radioactiv­ity
     Loss to Japans credit rating caused by Fukushima'­s radioactiv­ity
     Loss to the Japanese peoples Lives because of radiation

    1. Thats a good list, thanks for the comments.

      Loss of psychological stalwartness since Shinto and Buddhist believe strongly in cleanliness. What could be more unclean than a poison that you cannot see, smell, taste, hear, or feel.

    2. The only thing I can think of is loss of FACE
      ...In that the Utility Gangs have failed their public trust...

      What a Nuclear Waste!

  3. Radiation is spreading yet our Leaders and Government all remain silent!

    Since 3/11/11 the Japanese Irregulars* and others have been called to task about even discussing radioactive pollution causing evacuations in Northern Japan and even Tokyo, now this become s reality:

    Fukushima: Government Insiders Warn Of Tokyo Evacuation Threat
    Both the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and French nuclear energy company Areva have warned that reactor number 4 is the “weakest link” out of the entire Fukushima complex. The Tokyo Electric Power Company has resisted calls to bury the spent fuel rods in concrete, citing the cost, but an editorial in Japan’s Mainichi Daily News quotes government insiders who warn that the potential collapse of the reactor is “a grave concern.”
    “Because sea water was being pumped into the reactor, the soundness of the structure (concrete corrosion and deterioration) was questionable. There also were doubts about the calculations made on earthquake resistance as well,” said one government source familiar with what took place at the time. “It’s been suggested that the building would be reinforced, and spent fuel rods would be removed from the pool under those conditions. But fuel rod removal will take three years. Will the structure remain standing for that long?”
    As part of contingency planning for the collapse of reactor number 4, the Japanese government has drawn up a blueprint for forcibly evacuating 39 million residents out of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

    * Japanese Irregulars

  4. Hi Guys! I'll only add:

  5. Loss of Exports totally

  6. Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road

  7. It is really too sad that such inhuman people have the power to decide such important matters in the country. Everybody is so afraid that they do not dare tell the truth. It's like the dark force is stronger than the good. Such a sad reality.

  8. How many people would be willing to go to fukushima and take a lifetime dose of radiation over a short period of time as part of the process of cleaning it up.
    The only way this is going to get better is if a massive number of people are prepared to go and clean the place up, could tepco afford £10k per person for as many people as it takes to go into the hot zone and begin gathering up the mess?.
    Think along the lines of the human effort at chernobyl but x1000 as big, literally container ships loaded with people willing to go in for a max dose.


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