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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hilarious response to an industry hired troll

Callme Ish
Commented 23 hours ago in Politics

“Right over 1% of all nukes blow up.
And we keep getting lies

And now we are supposed to believe that "this time its different"
List of 99 accidents right here, serious ones that were "too big to cover"
Michael Mann
Nuclear Educator
9 hours ago (12:29 PM)
There has NEVER been a US commercial nuclear power plant which has "blown up" that is a fact which you cannot deny. Please stop spreading this obviously false information..
Callme Ish
1 second ago ( 9:50 PM)
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Uh, Three Mile Island
Or perhaps....let me do your response for you....

It DID not blow up, it melted down, and not even through containment,

and it only took 20 years to clean up, unlike Fukushima that will take 50 years.

AND there was no immediate health effects either, even though all the flies were killed in a 30 mile radius even on cow farms, but we chalk that up as a net positive effect of nuclear, no flies on us.

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