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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reactor 4 reality

hmmmm, is this really complicated or not?

400,000 lbs divided by 12 = 33,000.

400,000 lbs of spent fuel, with at least .9% plutonium, thats 4000 lbs of plutonium.

Divided by about 12 pounds to make a nuke bomb.

33,000 Bomb equivalent.

Now lets make a really conservative estimate that it won't be as bad a a bomb....5% as bad.

Not sure a "scrambled egg" nuke fire would be equivalent to a nuke bomb, but it is certainly within reason to think that the releases could be 5% of a nuke bomb minimal. That would be like 600 bombs.

They are criminals for not already de-loaded this pool no matter how hot the rods are, no matter what the risk of even dropping a rod with a remote crane. Asshats!
Or as Busby did say F-Twits


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  2. If the SFP (Spent Fuel Pool) in #4 collapses or fails to be kept cool FOR ANY REASON, in a VERY SHORT TIME, all the fuel rods in it will destroy themselves by becoming a huge molten mass. This new radioactive mass will make the ENTIRE Fukushima complex (including reactors #5 and #6 (and their SFP's) into not only the Worlds biggest nuclear disaster but it will be so radioactive that the entire complex will off limits to humans! This new uncontrollable molten mass will spew so much radioactivity (and keep doing so for the rest of our lives) that it will change life as we know it, because it will be spread Globally by the jet stream and or Ocean currents.

    BTW: If you have not seen the 1959 movie "On the Beach" you should, it describes a very similar situation...


    1. TEPCO should be filling the entire #4 building with concrete ASAP in order to create a "Seismic Vessel" to completely encapsulate the SFP making impossible for it to collapse because the new "Seismic Vessel" would be one gigantic unit...

    2. TEPCO should have no less than 4 backup generators and 4 pumps that could provide emergency power and water should ANYTHING happen to prevent the normal pumps from functioning. Note this includes protecting all the fuel, storage tanks, piping and controls so that it would make these pumps and their generators completely BOMB PROOF so nothing could prevent them from functioning 24/7/365 AND THEN TEST ONE UNIT EVERY DAY UNDER LOAD!

    3. TEPCO should build and then fill enough tanks to provide standby cooling freshwater for at least one week, so that no matter what happens, the #4 SFP will be kept cool without using seawater, which would serve as a backup source of water if the freshwater proved to not be enough for some unknown reason!

  3. Caldicott: If Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 collapses I am evacuating my family from Boston "to Australia, as the Southern Hemisphere receives much less contamination):" (VIDEO)

  4. Remember the Japanese living in Tokyo and northern Japan all thought they were safe before 3/11/11 because their Nuclear Industry and their Governmental regulators all told them that nuclear was 100% safe; that has now been proven FALSE!

    Nature does not follow reactor design spec.'s, or earth movement calculations; in short, no reactor is "Nature Proof". it is time for all our Leaders to stop living in Nuclear Denial* and accept the fact that all reactors are not 100% safe.

    We all live with the "threat" of a BIG earth quake (EQ) happening in SoCal but we only need to look again at Fukushima to see how a meltdown has made their disaster orders of magnitude more dangerous to deal with. Now northern Japan is covered with radioactive fallout that continues to add daily to the health problems the Japanese now face and it has even is spreading Globally via the jet stream and our Ocean currents! The threat of yet additional meltdowns in Fukushima if any of the remaining spent fuel pools should collapse could dramatically affect life as we know it, since a Hydro-Corium Steam "event" would put massive amounts of radioactive pollution into the Earth's atmosphere. As an example, we in the USA, have not been kept informed of exactly what has been coming from Fukushima, because that information is being played down by MSM to protect the nuclear Industry; we have only been told that it is below "safe thresholds" is a great study of what has gotten all the way around the Planet to Lithuania, after passing over the Pacific, North America, the Atlantic and much of Europe:

    It is time for everyone in SoCal to realize that we have just been LUCKY So FAR, but there is nothing we can do to remove the threat of a nuclear reactor meltdown happening here except De-Commission SORE, then we will be able to live Nuclear Meltdown Free, SoCal is too good a place to become a Nuclear Waste "No Go" Zone.

    *Nuclear Denial
    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!


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