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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Troll type silliness, saying Fuel Pool 4 is fine all fine.

Troll is attempting to say that Fuel Pool 4 is totally stable, and when pressed for details he provides this the picture below, and refuses to comment on the seismic.
but I know where to look it up

5 hours ago ( 3:22 PM)
And yet, the fuel in #4 SFP is not burning, and never has been. The reenforcement structure placed under the pool, a project started almost immediately after the building was damaged, and completed recently, is sufficient to support the pool independant of the curtain walls of the reactor building. The pool has a steel liner, which is intact.
It's been over a year.
Get over it.
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“Got some pictures of that reinforced in completed state?

What is it's seismic rating?”
Oh, alright. But this is the last time.
Page 17 is the only relevant one, and that gives me absolutely no warm fuzzy that this could take another 9 earthquake. ZERO.

What seismic is that rated for?

Like that reactor 1 cover....they built it for 65 MPH rated wind load, when Japan gets typhoons all the time.....hmmmm

Another "safe" calculation. Hopefully nothing beyond design basis happens......same old lies of nuke.

These fuel pools are massive. Picture the biggest municipal swim pool in your city, now make it 10 times bigger, then perch it 100' feet up clinging to the side of a nuclear reactor. 500,000 lbs of fuel rods, AND then 30 feet of water on top of it. You can imagine, water is a "live load" in an earthquake it will roll back and forth maybe even getting into a rhythm that can really stress a structure.

So look below, little stilt support structures, whatever happened to 30" I-Beams, eh?

It looks half assed. Sure they ran some engineering calcs, and sure they made some assumptions about a quick deployment versus a long term fix. The fate of humanity, you and me and your little dog too rests on those steel poles, on a broken conglomeration of first generation nuke plants, run by a zombie company living on handouts, on the ring of fire. I expect a better fix than that.


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    1. Thanks for stopping in, and for your stellar posts. Doing original material is tough work.

  2. Those 'Steel Support Pillars' might not support a washtub during an earthquake.

    1. Indeed, I would love to review their assumptions and calculations including slenderness ration and buckling potential. It just looks WAY wrong.

  3. Fuk Daiichi is the place (since 2010) Japan stores all the spent fuel from other plants.
    Their own document, with maps -

    1. Great information, the boneheads could have used the plant on the west side, not right on the ring of fire.....

      Playing with Satan's Matchsticks.

  4. Where are we today right now concerning the safety of pool #4

  5. Important article on how to spot disinfo posters and other trolls -


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