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Friday, May 18, 2012

Accidents, more information

This is from Idyl at Fluffpost----- After a comment that 1% of all reactors blowup, meltdown, or both. This doesn't cover the half of it: 2000 - 2010: three accidents (INES levels 2 and 3) 1990 - 2000: three accidents (INES level 2 and 4) 1980 - 1990: five accidents (INES levels 2 - 7) 1970 - 1980: three accidents (INES levels 3 - 5) 1960 - 1970: six accidents (INES levels not used) 1950 - 1960: five accidents (INES levels not used) Lets not leave out another extensive list of power plant accidents, fatalities, property damage in excess of US $100 million, nuclear reactor attacks, radiation and other accidents: And NRC database of event reports in the US: For 2012, 75 event reports to date in May (1st - 18th): safety alarms not working, failure of containment high pressure isolation system, damaged moisture density gauge, oil sheen on diffuser pond, battery cells with reduced discharge capacity, reactor trip (feedwater control valve failure), medical treatment of worker, loss of emergency notification system phone, radioactive spill during medical treatment, overexposure to radiographer, contaminated injured person (multiple), missing thallium-201 shipment, potential fire in containment (link below), main turbine trips and scrams, and more …

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