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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family trying to evacuate, but economic detainees
This "story" attacks a family trying to evacuate.
 The ignorance of writer and many of the respondents is amazing.   People taking such strong opinions although they have obviously  not done any due diligence in establishing their opinions.   Well, I guess that is par for the course.    

I rebunked some junk, but lets see if it makes it past the moderators.
Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson
I don't think it's radiation poisoning - it sounds more like Zeolite poisoning...
Oh, and I remember on I think it was Above Top Secret BBS, someone in the USA who despite feeding their kids iodine every day, they were still coming down with "radiation sickness from Fukushima", but one of the moderators (a sensible mod on a bonkers board??) pointed out that their kids were actually suffering from an iodine overdose.

The situation in Japan has been greatly covered up.    Some people are forced by economics to live in areas that would be have a forced evacuation in Chernobyl.    The tens of tons of uranium that was vaporized in the various explosions poisons as a heavy metal, unfortunately those who breathed this in are probably stuck with it in their bones and vital organs.    Zeolite, as well as DMSA and EDTA are effective chelators of heavy metals, but only really effective while the uranium and plutonium are still in the blood stream.      Sure their are hucksters out there marketing "fake zeolite" but by this article doing a few quick google searches to "verify their foregone conclusion" is a clear signal that this article is prejudiced from the get-go.  

If families CAN move from Japan, they should, especially if they have small children.    You don't have to donate to this family, but stop making up lies that effectively force them to live in radiation.

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